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Chase Lyons
December 8, 2011
Rating for this model: Chase Lyons has been Rated 7.9 starsChase Lyons has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 176
Photographer Rating: Chase Lyons has been Rated 7.1 starsChase Lyons has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 133

Age:  22
Location:  Chicago
Job:  Waiter
Hobby:  Horses
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Pasta
Music:  Rap
Produced by Edward Scott
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Chase Lyons comes to us from Chicago; he's one hung 22 year old stud and a waiter at a local restaurant not far from where he lives. He's Gay and a top for the most part! After the interview, he removes his shirt and begins rubbing his upper body all over, licking his armpits. He unzips his jeans and begins squeezing his balls and stroking his monster cock! The pants come off for some more rubbing, tugging and stretching. His package bulges shooting right out of the top of his briefs. He turns giving a bird’s eye view of his smooth ass and love hole, which he stretches and massages for you. Leaning back on the couch, Chase strokes his huge cut cock, by firming griping it one handed. Ready to reach his final happy destination, he lays on his back, implementing some mad stroking. Chase then blows a huge load clear up his chest, ending his first solo jerk off with a big bang!
Latest Comments:
Chase is hot in videos and at Fort Troff. Love his boyish charm, big dick, low hangers, and tasty-lookin' hole. Whew!
A nice stud with a great cock.++
Playful, but not sexy (to me, anyway). I just can't picture him as a top. Didn't get aroused at all. Interesting interview. Always enjoy learning about a guy's early experiences, how old he was when he first came, etc. Fast-forwarded through most of the sex part.
Fuckin hot lad !!! Great smile, cock, ass ..... the lot .............lovely hair too. God I am in love with this boy !!
Why the drought of hot men? only twinks! come on BP can do better
Sexy smooth body, fantastic cock and balls, sweet ass and cute face. WOOF!
i liked everything about the guy,
HOT say the least and a gorgeous blonde boi to boot! What a beautiful package indeed and that heavenly hole is just perfect in every way,,,some fantastic close-up shots begging for deep attention via tongue and cock.What a treat that would be! Just love the hairy legs and light hairy hole and agree more display would certainly be better in this department. It is agreed that magnificent cock is a joy to behold and this boi's number one asset....and what a great cum shot...exploding even up to his cheek, coming to rest in that sexy blonde half-beard growth. Love this boi!
Hey urservice says Chases' BF is Jesse Bryce.
Nice very hot and pretty much boy next door as far as models go here.. Hes only like an hour away. Wonder if I could catch him fucking his boyfreind at Steamworks some would be hot to see ;-)
Attitude? Come on! He's a sweetheart! Love his smile...and a few other things too!
LOL! Good one, pw003654, but there are also those who think its F**KING HOT to lust after 10 year old boys. And that too is merely just another shallow opinion of someone who's victim of a rather disturbing personality disorder. But, aw shucks .. I is jus sayin'.
12/8/11--well hello, Chase Mr Bigge (shades of earlier model, wasn't it Davy Bigge?!! Partial to blondes but wish he'd kept more of his fur. His package IS huge & looks as if he cd pull that nut sac most of the way to his knees!! Wonder if he can twitch that cock w/out hands & wd love to see him try. Lots of enthusiasm for Chase here as well as elsewhere so bring him back w a toothsome brunette who also likes to top & see who comes outon top & what else happens!! PS Smiles are nice but I bet that they can also be turned off fast when he is even slightly thwarted.
What a nice cock set on a beautiful nut sack! The cum shot was great as well. Good work BP! Would love to see this guy with another hot BadPuppy.
An absolutely gorgeous lad. While I prefer my boys uncut, I make an exception here. Great cock and a yummy looking cum load. Let's have more of him. Good photography too!
Way Cool
nice & goodie. However, i pass him for someone else!
I like! Unlike many who comment, I like his shaved pits and pubes. He's cute all over with an ubercute ass and hole. He does have an attitude - but who wouldn't who does this on camemra. Us shy types just watch and type.
WOW! This boy's got meat and more! Sweet blond fuz and a pool of boyjoooce that no one should pass on - lucky BF! Great smile and cock that could be seen from space - mmmm Chase, you rock!
Kid haa a real attitude -- his personality is in his cock -- he gives chicago a bad name i think -- not my kind of fun
wow! Nice big cock!
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