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George & Gabriel Liarh
January 10, 2012
Rating for this model: George & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 7.0 starsGeorge & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 7.0 stars Total Votes: 137
Photographer Rating: George & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 6.3 starsGeorge & Gabriel Liarh has been Rated 6.3 stars  Total Votes: 107

Model:  George
Age:  20
Location:  Rio de Janeiro
Job:  Security Gaurd
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Fettuccine Alfredo
Music:  MPB
Model:  Gabriel Liarh
Age:  23
Location:  Sao Paulo
Job:  Sales
Hobby:  Surfing
Sport:  Volleyball
Food:  Brazilian
Music:  Michael Jackson
Produced by Gavin Lowe
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23 year old Gabriel Liarh and 20 year old George had a mid day rendezvous. George steps in from the patio and the fun quickly begins! He whips out his fat uncut cock and Gabriel does his best to swallow it in full, but cannot quite do it! George strips lays back and Gabriel sucks him as best he can, gagging along the way. George removes Gabriel's jeans and jock strap, as he gets ready to give it to Gabriel good. As he plunges into his ass, Gabriel's pleasure is also his pain, as he has to have George stop and pull out multiple times. When Gabriel sits down on George's cock, bouncing up and down, you can see just how fat and long Georges cock is. Gabriel truly takes a big fat pounding, by George, who pulls out and erupts with a thick creamy cumshot across Gabriel's chest!
Latest Comments:
I wish i could meet George one day
PP@,10/24/12--Hello, BP edit. staff: WHY not let us members see some/all of the 27 unrevealed posts on forums?? I can't even post this ? there now!! Agree fully w/ Rob.6 that we do come back to see the vid (and glad for the tip that Gab. gets off at video 17.5)BUT despite the thrill of seeing Geo. in action erect & then some, agree w/ several others that we prefer to see a bit of caring/affection even in a hot fuck rather than ONLY a lean, mean fucking machine. Lets see Geo if again, in a solo and Gab w/ a caring partner next time around.
!!! h o t !!! d a m n!!! !!!d a m n !!! !!!h o t!!!
One fantastic Video here and certainly some of the best fucking seen on BP..simply Outstanding to say the least! There is absolutely NO stopping that lean mean 20 year old fucking machine, as he is full control of his boi victim in every imaginable position with NO MERCY being the rule! The boi victim has no say whatsoever except to take his punishment and joy! Agree with "7frogs"...the frog fucking position is outstanding and rentless with that hard black cock in full control throughout. A video one will certainly cum back to time and time again.....that beautiful black cock just never gives up! What a joy to watch - SUPERB!
Phoque: Gabriel shot a big load at the about the 17:30 point, so I'm sure he was pleased!! He even continued to take the pounding after he cummed!!!
a nice video. luv the scene w/ the " frog" fucking position. luv that good deep penetration. as a viewer i could feel that cock into my arse. love it !
They need to provide better colored condoms for dark skinned people. That looks like a trash bag on his BIG, THICK cock. Olive Blacoch :)
Random thoughts: 1) Gabriel certainly must set a (near) record for moans/groans during sex BUT like many other viewers I'd love to see English surtitles under what the 2 models do actually say in those episodes where speech occurs. 2)On his side, George is more than a bit rough w/ his partner/slave (can there be any significance to the historical faact that slavery was not abolished in Braz. until 1888?) and his departure has to be as abrupt (and unloving?) as that in any duo on BP? 3)I'll grant that Geo. if not the most handsome black guy around is a lean,mean fucking machine.
1/10/12--Wow and triple wow!!! Really one has to call it like it is: George may be a great guy (altho I agree w/Phoque on the lack of ANY reciprocity!)but he is also a god damn fucking machine. Many if not all of us wd love an encounter w/ him but wd it really be love?? I'm not so sure & hope that Gab has restored himself from possible physic as well as from physical pain. Perhaps I am too critical since I admit that I'll be watching this video more than once in near future.
Hot stuff, When is George available????
WOW!-This video was very HOT indeed!!-Loved all the cock sucking -such a wonderful large black cock!!--mmmm!!--love to suck it hard myself!!-and i much enjoyed the very HOT fucking shots too!!one could tell from the moans and groans from Gabriel that he was not only enjoying being fucked by George's large cock but he was also suffering from some errotic pain as he was fucked!-- truly HOT show by these two guys!-I had to have a good wank watching them at it and it did not take me very long to shoot my load from my errect cut 7.50 inch cock!-more videos like this one please!-10 out of 10 -XX
10 January Wow, wish I could get fucked by that humongous dick of Georges!
Had to mark this shoot down. All Gabriel got from this encounter was a sore arse. George (at least in the photo-shoot) didn't have the /decency/ to have at least given Gabriel some oral or manual pleasure.
GD, wow..Mmm talk about a dick 'o death :-) Gabriel is very cute and reminds me of someone that I know.
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