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Hugo & Lubor
November 23, 2013
Rating for this model: Hugo & Lubor has been Rated 7.5 starsHugo & Lubor has been Rated 7.5 stars Total Votes: 64
Photographer Rating: Hugo & Lubor has been Rated 6.9 starsHugo & Lubor has been Rated 6.9 stars  Total Votes: 48

Age:  24
Location:  Prague
Job:  Sex
Hobby:  Sex
Sport:  Sex
Food:  Protein
Music:  Dance
Produced by Badpuppy
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Please welcome Hugo & Lubor to Badpuppy.
Latest Comments:
12/11/13--not matinee idols but good looking guys hopefully next door; top guy in fucking wins points here 'cause he has a remenant of p.bush as well as bigger nips AND more cum!!! Enjoyed the vid. w/ simultaneous cum and intertwined cocks afterwards. Agree w/ Silverdale, 13 inch & 7 frogs in a big way however; real variety is what we want--not 2-3 wks of Asian boys all in a row !!!
William Higgins models are the ONLY thing keeping me here. The rest are just stills from lame porn films. So until BP finds more quality studios to allow them to post their images...I'm loving the Czech boys!
I have to agree with tampakids2 We have so many cute guys in USA
I like American men as long as they are intact. I live in Germany, circumcision is a crime here here even for muslims and jews. Medical indications are the only exceptions. God has made boys with forskin why do we mutilate them?
yes ... this is just to re-enforce what tampakid2, 13inches2, goodwindoug, jonathanf8 are saying ... there are definitely very sexy very good looking very handsome gentlemen right here in the u.s.a with very good package. variety is very good but dont suffocate us BADPUPPY cuz we know here in the U.S.A we have plenty of gorgeous men !
I don't have any issue with Asian men, the problem is that the Asian males in porn -- all are EXTREMELY boyish and that is not only a turn-off -- it's kinda creepy. There are tons of hot attractive Asian MEN, they just don't seem to be doing porn.
Euro Boys and US boys are all good.. The Asian.. sorry, don't make me hard
I agree with Tampakid2 that u need to show more USA men, but the Euro twinks are a big improvement over the Asian ones you've been showing recently.
Nope these Euro twinks don't do anything for me either still waiting for some handsome USA men.
Good looking boys. Clean cut and no horrible, defacing tattoos or piercings. Lets have more like these 2 please!
fine boys! good times!
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