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Hunter Van Heise
November 29, 2012
Rating for this model: Hunter Van Heise has been Rated 7.6 starsHunter Van Heise has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 131
Photographer Rating: Hunter Van Heise has been Rated 5.9 starsHunter Van Heise has been Rated 5.9 stars  Total Votes: 110

Age:  19
Location:  Tampa, Florida
Job:  Server
Hobby:  Karate
Sport:  Hockey
Food:  Sushi
Music:  Country
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19 year old Hunter Van Heise comes to us from Tampa FL! Hunter is a Server at a local fine dining establishment. He’s here today in which to jerk off for Badpuppy members. He strips down to his boxer briefs and begins working his cock, pulling it out from the top of his briefs as he sets back in the chair! With his hands firmly gripping his tool, he works himself 9 ways to Sunday, always smiling for the camera, as if he is smiling at you directly. He stands up and gives himself a good work out, rubbing and tugging his man meat. Hunter sits back in the chair and proceeds to finish what he started. In deep thought, he rubs out a creamy cum shot across his trimmed pubic hair, on his lower abs!
Latest Comments:
5/8/13--Those big blues & ehgaging grin merit attention as well as 1 mighty attractive package!!!
A nice and lovely boy with good tools. But there are no ass scenes in the video...++
Nice Model and so cute. However I think the comment about the photographer's angles in which he did this shoot is not lopsided. It's called angles and all photographers use angles. Its the lazy photographers who just stick the camera on a tripod and click all in the straight up manner. Its the photographer who gets off his ass and shoots the model up close and distant and from all angles is a photographer who deserves his pay and provides a more interesting shoot instead of a boring tripod shoot. I give this photgrapher credit for taking the initiative.
Bring This Boy On AGAIN!!!
Hey your hairy ass but only got to see it in the still photos. Totally fucking hot young man. I'm in St. Pete so look for me when you go out..grin.
The concept of standing vertical must be and old concept so photographers chose to shoot models lop-sided. Its boring and stupid and an 80's concept. Go back to shooting upright vertical shots instead of these lop-sided ones. Maybe the photographer has one leg shorter than the other. Maybe the floor was slanted... NOT !!!
Nice cute guy - but, this is the worst photographer I have in, 40+ years, ever seen
ditto everybody. Hunter was happy and proud to show us his big and long fat cock with those hen sized eggs swinging in his sac. A fun guy to be with. He's on our side.
OMG i want the fuzzy ass!!
Nice balls. Hunter would make an excellent date for a weekend of romance.
Sexy studpuppy with smooth body and hot cock. WOOF!
This guy is almost perfect. I just wish his body hair was not cut so much. So not masculine to do that.
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