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Jace Tyler
December 27, 2012
Rating for this model: Jace Tyler has been Rated 8.3 starsJace Tyler has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 144
Photographer Rating: Jace Tyler has been Rated 7.1 starsJace Tyler has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 117

Age:  25
Location:  Lincolnshire, England
Job:  Truck Driver
Hobby:  DJ
Sport:  Squash
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Rock
Produced by Monstah Media
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Jace Tyler is a 25 year old truck driver from Lincolnshire, England. It is obvious that Jace finds time to maintain his incredible body, we are guessing that there isn’t an ounce of fat to be found anywhere. Jace doesn’t waste much time removing his shirt and pants so that we can visually inspect his ripped chest, abs and long hairy legs while he continues to pleasure himself on the black leather coach. We can see that his underwear can barely confine his massive uncut cock as Jace continues to rub its lengthening shaft. He finally has to let his dick get some air so he pulls his massive member through the leg of his briefs and fondles it by pulling the skin up over the head of his one eyed snake. Jace gets more comfortable on the coach by removing his briefs and laying on the leather while he continues to stroke his penis while occasionally pulling on his nut sac. Wait until you see how far he shot his man seed.
Latest Comments:
Awesome ! LOVE the cum explosion shot ! Gorgeous cock 2 ! HoT !
Brit boys are top class. Does London still rock?
What a great stud! He needs a better presentation.. ++
This is one of the hottest models that I have seen on the site, keep 'em cumming Badpuppy!!!
This is one one of the Year so far !
@tweetyhawk - There do not appear to be any problems with any of the videos for Jace at this time, I was able to download all of them successfully. I will email you directly to see if I can help further. For future problems on the site, please contact me directly at "" as we do not always see every one of these model comments.
Why cannot I download it in the HD format?? I can only get it in the WMV format, but I want the highest definition. It is not "appropriate" for me to pay the "monthly dues" and not have the full advantage--I just may have to go elsewhere. Please help me out.... ---Tweetybird
Hey, guys...I'm sorry, but apparently the photographer had issues with his video equipment, and the sound did not get properly recorded. This was not discovered until after the shoot was over, and the model was long gone. Unfortunately, we have no way to fix this type of issue. Our apologies for the problem.
Near to perfection Beautifull bouncing balls and great cumshot, Love this guy! Pitty there is no sound.
WHAT A BEAUTIFUL EXPLOSION> LOVE IT> Gorgeous cock, nice balls, smooth body, nice pubes.
12/29/12--haven't seen the word "bloke" for ages, but that is just le mot juste for Jace--truly a sexy bloke!! And what a cum explosion with jism velocity to reach the sofa back--about time after quite a long spate of guys who don't shoot above the navel or nips. Weought/ need to see more of Jace and others similar !!
This is near perfection, and I look forward to men like this, but Jace is a treat instead of the treatment. Love this
what a hunk--what a cum--there is always a sexy Englishman !!
Hey, guys - there appears to be an issue with the sound in Jace's videos, I'm having it checked out and I will post an update as soon as I get more details. Jeff
BEAUTIFUL!! Possibly one of the hottest blokes I've laid eyes on. His expressions and the cum shot: AWESOME! I really hope to see more of this guy. I can't take my eyes off him. Hated that we didn't get to hear him talk or moan.
Wow! Everything about this young man... (his eyes, his face, body, cock and ass) is "Hot,, hot, hot"!!! Would love to see an "encore" performance, with more "ass-shots"!!! (And the ejaculation was spectacular)!!! Ooh la la!!!
My black leather couch is waiting for Jace The Best!!!!
Love that tight torso and well-defined muscles/and hot balls.. WOW. Great power cum power load, too.
Excellent physique, fantastic smooth body with great cock, luscious balls and a sweet ass. Jace's smile is incredibly sensual and natural. Outstanding cum shot with copious amounts of jizz. An incredible studpuppy! WOOF!
He could ring more than my bell and make a smile go from ear to ear with one flash of that smile, with some pretty impressive parts all over, he is one handsome stud that would make any leather couch happy to get sweaty!
tall and lanky; great!
Jace Tyler hot hot hot what a great body anda very nice looking young man. now I would love to eat that from his head to his toes. And that big cock and nice looking balls and that big big load. I would lick every bit of that nice cum. then I think I would role him over and lick his back sideof that cute butt.great job bp
Nicest cock i've seen one here in a long time!
Not a bad looking Jace, nice cum shot at the end, the leather couch was a lucky participant (you'll see at the end what I'm talking about!)
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