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February 12, 2014
Rating for this model: Jerry has been Rated 3.7 starsJerry has been Rated 3.7 stars Total Votes: 47
Photographer Rating: Jerry has been Rated 3.6 starsJerry has been Rated 3.6 stars  Total Votes: 39

Age:  26
Location:  Prague
Job:  Sex
Hobby:  Sex
Sport:  Sex
Food:  Protein
Music:  Dance
Produced by Badpuppy
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Please welcome Jerry to Badpuppy!
Latest Comments:
PS--AND w/ only a partial 3rd p of stills, surely wd value photographic evidence that J. came.
Valentines 2014--as another dave remarks, Jerry has quite a package & cums to prove it. Enjoyed the darker skin tint on sheath and sac!! But he looked a bit cramped on short sofa--why not give him a bed??
has a nice big dick and is erotic with all that skin. we should all apperciate those with the courage to bare all for our entertainment
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