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Joe Bush
December 18, 2013
Rating for this model: Joe Bush has been Rated 8.1 starsJoe Bush has been Rated 8.1 stars Total Votes: 76
Photographer Rating: Joe Bush has been Rated 7.4 starsJoe Bush has been Rated 7.4 stars  Total Votes: 62

Age:  24
Location:  Prague, Czech Republic
Job:  Soldier
Hobby:  Running
Sport:  Track & Field
Food:  Kielbasa
Music:  Dance
Produced by Badpuppy
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Please welcome Joe Bush to Badpuppy.
Latest Comments:
Nice hot body. There are 8 inch dicks and then there are HARD 8 inch dicks like this guy's. Many guys with big dicks never really get a true hard on that can stick up like this guy.
Great show!! He is very Hot! Just wish they showed his ass in the video, oh well. Bring him back, please.
PS :it is enlightening to know they make 'em that big but this corner wouldn't wish to play with it, merely observe whatever pain/pleasure it introduced for others. If planting seeds for bab(ies) the penetration wd be unequalled I'd think if the lady cd accept the girth !!
12/23/13--Joe [that last name seems to be a nom de plume or feathers in the bush] is not movie star quality unless they are casting penises, in which case he should win at least the biggest and maybe the ugliest prizes.
He is so damn tastyy!!!!!
A Solider, eh? Then I'm ready for the attack. I lile the not-too-scruffy chest hair a lot.
This is actually a series of screen shots from Wm Higgins (which explains why he's hot!). I wish BP had included some of the shots without his boots, but still a nice model shoot
Now, this is more like it!! 12 stars for Mr. Bush!!! (I only got half way through the video the first time, more for later.) No complaints at all, just great. Did I mention hot?
@7frogs page 4 (lol)
DID I MISS ANY ASSHOLE SHOTS ? OR THERE WAS NONE ? ANYWAY, LOVE HIS HARD COCK, NICE BALLS. I FEEL like he needs more practice to be a porn star !
Yes He is hot, the way he looks at the camera is hot. Very good show:)
Hot Hot Hot I think i'm in love. I would do that all day long. take that nice load and lick that nice butt also good job bad puppy.
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