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March 27, 2012
Rating for this model: King has been Rated 5.9 starsKing has been Rated 5.9 stars Total Votes: 113
Photographer Rating: King has been Rated 5.1 starsKing has been Rated 5.1 stars  Total Votes: 83

Age:  22
Location:  Dunwoody, GA
Job:  Customer Service
Hobby:  Video Games
Sport:  Track
Food:  Italian
Music:  R&B
Produced by Edward Scott
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22 year old King comes to us from Dunwoody, GA. He is a Customer Service Rep for a nearby call center. When he is not working, he's playing video games or working out for the YMCA Track Team. King is Bisexual and this is his first time in front of the camera. As he stands staring into the camera, he rubs his firm athletic body all over. When he removes his shirt, his 6 pack abs are quite apparent. He kneels forward in the arm chair, showing off, slapping and massaging his smooth bubble butt. He spreads his cheeks and his man hole flexes as if it is trying to communicate with you. King is a big ole tease as he rubs his cock through his tight boxer briefs. As his tool emerges, you can see his huge, thick uncut tool, which only seems to get harder and larger as he strokes and thumps it in the palm of his hand. Now sitting back in the chair, King prepares to complete his mission with firm, fast stroking action. With his eyes closed and focused, he delivers multiple squirts on his thigh!
Latest Comments:
A hot stud with a giant cock.+
great cock and nice abs. We need to see more black abd hispavic men here?
4/27/12--King is a mega stud w/ a notable & noticeable cock. The balance here is devoted NOT to criticism of him but rather the video maker/editor (if there was one). 18 mins is on the (TOO) long side but no wonder when 9 mins have alreay passed us by before we ever see such a fine penis & set of goose eggs. And to return to King, one cd have hoped/ expected a bigger come shot from that size of balls. It looks as if he cd move his dick w/ considerable control for a partner's pleasure.
He is a tall drink of chocolate milk no doubt. But I have never seen a guy TRY so hard to cum. He wasn't into it. He was just doing all he had to get out a load. very poor perfomance IMOHO ... very poor.
Nice to see men of color occaisionally. Nice model.
More slim tall black guys! Thank you
Please forgive me if I am not "PC"... but I definitely do like that "hot, fine, young, black ass"!!!
King is a king with fine delicious chocolate cock ..
This is the finest man I've seen in years..COMPLETELY FLAWLESS
Heavenly! King is a beauty!
Something (or someone) has changed the address by which I access models' pages. :- I use, not
pretty gay ! No bubbel man . I dont like bubble man. I like slim man . This is very good !
Lovely young man with a gorgeous long cock. no ass shots ? disppointed. nice cum.
MMMMmmmm chocolate mocha delight - with a bit of southern sweets all rolled into one hell of a stud!
one hot stud
Oh I login via Where everything is working fine.
There are pictures - 107 of them - and the usual choice of video formats. I don't know why the screen screams 'No video available for this model.' when if you click on - at least the Quicktime 'Broadband' option - the video loads. Quite a nice guy, much better than the impression I was left with after viewing his preview set.
No Video, no pictures
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