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Kyler Benz
April 21, 2012
Rating for this model: Kyler Benz has been Rated 7.2 starsKyler Benz has been Rated 7.2 stars Total Votes: 169
Photographer Rating: Kyler Benz has been Rated 6.1 starsKyler Benz has been Rated 6.1 stars  Total Votes: 139

Age:  22
Location:  Dublin, Georgia
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Gymnastics
Sport:  Baseball
Food:  Japanese
Music:  All
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22 year old Kyler Benz comes to us from Dublin, GA. He is a full time college student, who spends most of his time studying and trying to get ahead. When Kyler approached us regarding doing the shoot, he stated that what he'd make would go directly toward his student loan, so we're happy to assist Kyler in this matter! As the shoot begins, he rubs himself, squeezing the bulge in his blue jeans. He removes his shirt, followed by his jeans and lays back on the bed, rubbing his cock through his boxer briefs. Kyler whips out his huge cock and begins stroking it firmly, as we watch it get larger and harder. He removes his underwear and with his legs spread wide, he strokes with one hand and grips his balls with the other. Now on his knees, he pulls downward on his manhood, giving you a good look at his throbbing hole. Kyler moves about the bed, giving his cock a lot of action. Nearing his peak, he strokes harder and can’t hold back, blowing his load everywhere! His smile says it all!
Latest Comments:
A cute guy.++
wtf hes a fem
Kyler looks like a skinny strait broke country boy.I think he is older than you say. Yet he is very attractive in his own way. His hair, eyes, and smile are nice: they seem to go with his long crooked dick. He would make a nice friend. He would be fun to undress.
OMG ! GIVE me that curve gorgeous cock anytime. Kyler is so appealing and sexy. AND those asshole shots ... mesmerizing, i love it. The curve cock drives me krazzzyyy !
Now that's a BadPuppy!!
What a cute guy! Love everything about him.
He's adorable! He could be my roomate anyday!
What a cutie! :)
I've been a fan of Kyler since he appeared on Broke Straight Boys at age 19 with his equally hot roommate, Zakk. I'd love to be able to help him with his student loans. Nice to see Kyler again.
Only one word describes Kyler, HOT!!!!! So FUCKING HOT!!!!
great cock w/ an awesome suckable cockhead. nice pubes nice asshole nice balls. Oh ! AND that curve cock drives me krazzzzy ! love it.
Kyler reminds me of my first dorm roommate. Cute dopy face, smooth body with hair in all the right places. Beautiful cock with big head, nice balls, lickable hole. We stayed roomies all 4 years...sigh...
very nice show
4/20/12--glad others can wax enthusiatic about k. I'm not disding him or throwning him out of party, but...Other models have done rather more for me.
Kyler is the person I wanted to take to the Senior Prom in 1987. Instead, I took someone named Cindy.
Adorable studpuppy with a beautiful cock and sexy body. WOOF!
ATTN GUYS- This young man has all the qualities I LOVE in a sexy young lad-WOW!-he has such a wonderful errect curvy(SO HOT!!) cut cock!!--i would give anything to suck that sexy helmet of his and wank that sexy cock!-also LOVE his nice large hung balls-such a delicacy to suck and lick those sexy balls too!-and what a HOT SEXY arsehole he has too!!-i would dearly LOVE to get my tongue up inside his sexy hot bum hole and then finger fuck his arsehole with some cream or lube before slipping my errect 7.50inch cut cock inside his warm smooth arsehole!!-he is a gorgeous sexy looking young lad-LOVE to have a long snogging session with him too!!-Please do tell me how to get in touch with him!!-LOVE to have lots of sexy fun with him!!-mmmm!!-i give him 10 out of 10--fantastic sexy young lad-XXXXXX
cute guy. nice show.
Kyler is a good-looker. He'd turn heads walking into a room full of peoople, at the pool, naked at the Spa with his beautiful hard shaft and cockhead. I think he's lonely. I think he'd cuddle up close to you needing your love and your being there for him. A perfect jerkoff model, two handed at that, but, there's more to Kyler than that. . . .
Really hot guy. I love his body, cock and smile.
very good looking in a rugged sort of way,I certainly would not kick him out of my party
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