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Lawson Kane
June 25, 2011
Rating for this model: Lawson Kane has been Rated 6.3 starsLawson Kane has been Rated 6.3 stars Total Votes: 136
Photographer Rating: Lawson Kane has been Rated 5.7 starsLawson Kane has been Rated 5.7 stars  Total Votes: 107

Age:  25
Location:  Detroit, MI
Job:  Real Estate
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Football
Food:  All Foods
Music:  Hip-Hop
Produced by Corkscrew Media
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Lawson Kane is a 25 year old stud, who is a big time Real Estate Agent from the Motor City. When he's not busy selling Detroit river front condo's he's working out. Lawson has a body to die for and looks mighty hot as he rubs and strokes his big black uncut cock, pulling it out of his bulging red briefs. Lawson drops his briefs, turning to show you his awesome tight ass of steel, while giving you a peek at his hairy hole that's calling your name. He sits back and begins rubbing and stroking his monster cock, pulling the foreskin up and down. Lawson stands up and bends over, rubbing and tugging his man meat, pulling downward, prior to fingering the rim of his hole. Lawson sits down, leaning back as he jerks his way to a thick creamy cumshot, which he spreads all over his defined abs. He hopes you had as much fun watching as he did while jacking off for you!
Latest Comments:
What a superb man. The type of man you might fortunately see, coming home from work, in a pair of overalls in Brixton, South London. What a specimen. Man thanks
A great stud with a curved cock...+
6/28/11--also enjoyed the fine curving sickle cock & relaxed attitude of Lawson's shoot. Go up at what some might preceive as a barrier, Pups, & give us an interracial duo once, why not ??
He is HOT! I want to see more of him!
Totally hot. Wish he were up in Alaska in the winter to keep me warm!
What can I say, he's everything that I want. You did a great job this time, in finding a guy that appealed to everyone. I would like to see him in a video with another guy, to see them both having passionate sex with one another. Let's see what kind of lover Lawson is. One caveat though, I wish that I could be that guy in the video with Lawson. I can dream can't I? "Great Job Guys"!!!!
This is one of the best we've had in a long time. Furthermore his pubes is not shaved like a plucked chicken like most of the others.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful body with us.
Finally! a guy that is good looking, hot in a guy living down the street kinda way. with a hot body that is perfectly preportioned with ass, chest, arms, legs, cock and balls even all perfectly fitted as hell to! nice refreshing change. especially since it does not include some euro guy moaning loud as hell every second....would love to have him move in a let him retire comfortably with this 40 year old! lol
damn Lawson has it all going on. Loooove the thick curved cock!
love the curved cock and nice balls - beautiful man let's see more of him
keep the black guys comming
Beautiful guy. Monster gear. Snaky, thick, independent tool and sexy curly pubes. Ooh La La!
awesome curve cock and balls. nice hairy ass. Love to get fuck by a curve cock cuz the prostate gland gets properly massaged and i get a very sensual feeling. handsome guy w/ a smooth gorgeous body. loves his pubes too.
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