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Martin Cruiz
December 4, 2013
Rating for this model: Martin Cruiz has been Rated 7.9 starsMartin Cruiz has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 80
Photographer Rating: Martin Cruiz has been Rated 7.1 starsMartin Cruiz has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 65

Age:  18
Location:  Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic
Job:  Pro Swimmer
Hobby:  Swimming
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Pizza
Music:  House
Produced by Badpuppy
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Please welcome Martin Cruiz to Badpuppy.
Latest Comments:
Viva La NATURAL!!!
PS 1/20/14--someone has given M. what I'd call perverted values. Had he "saved up" we'd see more than ONE pitiful drop of sperm. And THAN he wipes that away after barely 25 secs view of his "tribute" to fucking & with toilet p. instead of a nice washcloth or towel. Guess amnners are not to the fore in the old Czech lands--a pity!!
nothing wrong about showing off. Woot!
12/11/13--agreeable lad perhaps from next door so in line w/ 7 frogs here. First still of cock made me think M. is cut but pix on p. 4 may force reconsideration on thata. Or is it that he has a unusually large piss/cum slit. What do others think ??
Absolutely beautiful from head to toe. A very confident and poised young mand for only 18.
MMMMMMM, The Boy Next Shows off his Desires, Love it. Reminds me of the Strip Contests we had to Initiate new members. YUMMMMMMMMY
If this poor quality keeps up any longer, I will loose interest in this site. Has Mr. Higgins gone out of business? Please dont disappoint this long term subscriber with this low quality.
He has a small dick, but perfect for his body size
The still photos make him look good, but I found that the video was better, in the sense that you hear him speaking and 'moaning' before his "cum shot", but the stills show the cum shot fully. I wouldn't throw him out of bed.
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