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Mason Dean
September 6, 2012
Rating for this model: Mason Dean has been Rated 8.3 starsMason Dean has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 194
Photographer Rating: Mason Dean has been Rated 7.2 starsMason Dean has been Rated 7.2 stars  Total Votes: 142

Age:  19
Location:  Boise, Idaho
Job:  Chef
Hobby:  Running
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Mexican
Music:  Rap
Produced by Red Clay
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19 year old Mason Dean comes to us from Boise, Idaho. Mason is a Chef at a local fine dining establishment, not far from where he lives. Mason is here today to rub one out for you. He slowly strips down and leans back on the bed, stroking is cut cock and rubbing his upper body with his other hand. He sits up on his knees on the bed and gives his cock and balls a good work out! Mason turns over on his stomach and begins humping and pumping the bed, rubbing his cock across the blanket. His smooth bubble butt is quite inviting. On his back again, he lays back on the bed and is heading for the finish line, as he warns that he's going to cum. Well he was not kidding, Mason let go of a thick and creamy cum shot across his smooth abs! He rubs his finger across his cum and licks his finger clean.
Latest Comments:
Sweet boy! No tatts. Nice rapport with the camera. Great "humping and pumping." And he did it for us and without having to watch porn. Tell him to stop by for a free massage.
what a cutie!!! nice cum shot!!!! Glad he had NO foreskin.
What a beautiful young man with a great smile.
Gorgeous smile, beautiful smooth body, fatastic ass and sexy legs. Great cock and balls with sweet cum shot. WOOF!
The Best.
What a treat we have here and this is one hot boi to say the least.Great features,lovely upper smooth torso, complimenting nice hairy legs and deep pubes surrounding a most delicious looking cock which produces a respectful cum shot..and great to see the taste test too! That smooth bubble butt is nicely displayed and looks untouched(NOT shaven in my opinion) and could have been opened-up for a better see. The personality of this boi simply shines through, and what a plus..for this boi is another winner!
This lad is super hot and just the ticket 10/10 from me. Super stud
A nice American boy.++
Extremely good looking and super sexy...Mason is my idea of a true 10. Should be treated like a prince he's a real treasure..Love ya Mason!
Hot looking young stud. I would love to share that load with him. Very nice body and just right all over.
9/6/12--can't believe Swissboy is STILL nattering on about foreskins--to have one is my preference but a guy can also look more than fine w/out one!! Odd that the vid. was produced over a yr ago in 7/11. Oh yes, sideburns are not my preferance, but they look good on Mason whose cream sauce(s) of all types must be well worth eating.
vboogiewoogie - I don't think that Mason shaves. Having reviewed both the video as well as the pics, I think that he just has a naturally smooth ass and crack :) All-in-all, a very nice, HOT young man who I'd like to see more of in the future!!
Pretty boy.
he looked sooo good-natural body hair- -cute -cut. then the legs went up and hes shaved -ruined. wtf
swissboy his foreskin fell off when he was just a little boy
HOT HOT HOT ! Handsome young American PIE !
Oh to be 19 again, what a cutie. Perfect body and smile. Love to see in a duo...
Hot Adorable Stud with all the parts to make another bud happy to play with over and over and over again! Yummm, Mason!
Mason, genuine, sincere, eager to strip naked to show us his gear. Normal,tastie tantilizing butt cheeks, nice kid, good deluge of fresh hot young cum. He was happy with his performance with hopes we also enjoyed it. We did.
He is adorable.
No foreskin needed at all. Very cute indeed. I'm with drawde on this one. Come to think of it, this is how a young Australian male should look too ;-)
Would look better with his foreskin
This is how a young American male should look.
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