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Matthew King
October 18, 2012
Rating for this model: Matthew King has been Rated 6.3 starsMatthew King has been Rated 6.3 stars Total Votes: 100
Photographer Rating: Matthew King has been Rated 5.8 starsMatthew King has been Rated 5.8 stars  Total Votes: 80

Age:  27
Location:  Washington D.C.
Job:  Dancer
Hobby:  Biking
Sport:  Running
Food:  Steak
Music:  House
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27 year old Matthew King comes to us from Washington DC, where he is a nude dancer at a Gay strip club. Matthew is new to the adult online scene and this is his first jerk off on film and he chose Badpuppy! Matthew gives a very candid interview to better acquaint you with him, before he reveals all. He sits back in the chair on the patio, where he immediately goes for the gusto and takes hold of his cut cock and begins stroking, as he stares deeply into the camera. Without a doubt, Matthew is an exhibitionist, so being shy is not a problem. He stands and turns, giving you a great view of his smooth sexy ass. He kneels forward as he tugs on his cock and balls, while massaging his man hole. He sits back in the chair again, stroking off, while fingering his tight hole! As he reaches his peak, he squeezes his tool and strokes firm and fast, blowing a huge creamy load across his 6 pack abs!
Latest Comments:
A hot man with a great equipment. Thanks.++
hot masculane guy. like the bald head and nearly bald body/ I agree that id you are gonna shave your pubes you should do it 2 weeks before and have a trimmed look or the day before to have a shaved look. Inbetween just looks messy
Excellent smooth and firm body, fantastic cock and ass, perfectly shaped head and great cum shot. WOOF!
Matt is a nice looking young man w/ his head shaved. it becomes him. i love his ass, his cock. disappointed no pubes. nice cum.
The only thing that is nice about Matthew is his nuts.
Great cumshot, but I just can't get into guys with scabby, scratched up legs. It just seems like he doesn't take care of himself, and that is a big turn-off to me.
Thought the into was a bit long and overdone, however this "mature" boi does bring us a nice overall package, great set of low hangers, lovely hard cock and a great smooth hole which would be great to explore deeply via tongue and cock. Simply a fantastic cum eruption! Must agree thst the pubic stubble disappoints from the close-up shots,however the bald head sits well with me and compliments this model. More hair on the legs and chest would satisfy this Reviewer, at any rate this boi is a definite "keeper"!
10/18/12--liked almost everything about M., esp. his fine package w/ those hen's eggs, his ass AND what has to be one of the 10 or so cum shots of the yr. But pubic stubble and shaved head are turn offs here; cd hardly believe that he seems to have hairy pits. Overall, 8.5
It's true bald men are more sexy! Matt is hot.
Matt - a handsome well equipped dude with swinging hen eggs in his sac. An straighforward, forthright, with a 7 shots deluge of fresh hot cum guy who can look you in the eye when he cums. He knows where he is going.
very very nice - and a hottie in DC! Awesome smile with some nice parts - mmmmmMMMMgood!
wait bit
Matthew King very nice looking man. nice big load he could dance for me anytime. he not like some off those sissy that badpuppy use. I would keep him.
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