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Max Gunnar
November 22, 2011
Rating for this model: Max Gunnar has been Rated 7.8 starsMax Gunnar has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 160
Photographer Rating: Max Gunnar has been Rated 6.6 starsMax Gunnar has been Rated 6.6 stars  Total Votes: 129

Age:  19
Location:  Largo, Fl
Job:  Server
Hobby:  Beach
Sport:  Soccer
Food:  Seafood
Music:  Pop
Produced by ACEBOY Models
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Max Gunnar is a cute 19 year old kid from Largo, FL. He goes to school full time and works as a server part time. After the up front interview, Max is geared up to jerk off and share some Brent Corrigan dildo time with you! He leans back and lubes up, rubbing his body and stroking his cock. Big dildo in hand, Max kneels on the bed, placing it under his hole and slowly slides up and down on it. He turns around facing the camera and takes it like a man, up and down and in and out! He decides to lean back against the pillows, where he can better stroke with one hand and enjoy some toy play with the other. Setting the dildo aside, Max is ready to concentrate on jerking off, just for you! With a little more added lube and some tight handed stroking action, Max unloads with a thick creamy cumshot.
Latest Comments:
An enjoyable boi here,charming personality,great smile and good overall physique,albeit some more definition would be nice. Good to see the hairy legs and would like to see deeper pubes,although it appears the pubes are growing back. What a loveable hole and this boi rides that dildo can only imagine how he would ride the real thing and that would be a treat to see! The "toy" adds a certain "touch" to this overall production which concludes with a great and acceptable thick cum shoot! Certainly worthy of the award presented at the finish.
So it seems Europe has ALL the rest of the countries in the world?? Who knew!! And so it also seems being a WORLD traveler makes one WORLDLY WISE???
Cut or uncut, it does NOT matter...merely personal preference. Whatever you like, it does NOT warrant being cantankerous!!! I liken those who do not have any desire to travel outside of their own countries to see the world to frogs at the bottom of a well, staring at (a limited view of) the sky and remarking that "the sky is small".
MY bad, in frustration,Typo, UNCUT boy's
First of of all, thank you BP great site,I have been a loyal fan for quite some time, so I just sit back and read the comments, but I can't stand it anymore. being an AMERICAN CUT boy I understand being cut...So for you nay Sayers get over it, as for going to Europe NAH I like it here in the good ole USA!!! Why don't YOU go to Europe and find a nice site w/only cut boy's and shut you're pie hole!!!!
Cute!! I could fuck him over and over for hours and hours. Bet his ass is sweet too.
David S has said it very well: "De gustibus non est disputandum." If swissboy prefers uncircumcised (uncut) penises, that is his preference, to which he is totally entitled. It does not mean that he is necessarily anti-circumcision...non sequitur! The intent of comments is for subscibers to express their personal opinions about the released CONTENT (be they positive or negative), and NOT to serve as a forum for debating personal tastes and preferences.
Chacun à son gout. Different strokes for different folks. De gustibus non est disputandum. I like dick whether cut or uncut. I'll take it anyway I can get it.
@swissboy: Please take your anti-circ rants to an appropriate forum.
Sexy studpuppy with sweet ass and excellent cock, beautiful smooth skin and sensual smile. WOOF!
@chi4skin Tell me, circumcision is perfect? Visit Europe!
Whattahottie...I rate and subscribe to this site for the models, not the
OMG what a cute guy! Perfectly circumcised cock and nice big balls.
11/23/11--Max is a charmer w/ winning smile & fine package--no foreskin to be sure but I miss that less when his balls are large & well defined and he provides a fair sized ejaculation albiet w/ strange hands help. Wouldn't mind seeing him again esp. as a top AND bottom in a duo--bet he'd perform well in both positions.
really cute! so yummy!!
agree with all above, but had a hard time getting thru the tittering, snickering beginning with the (novice?) camera man.
hot guy, hot cock and balls, thanksfor this guy
Aww. He's a real cute and sexy little 'everyday' dude. He ain't no Adonis, but he's totally lovable and fuckable. And yes, his cute little ass and cock really are stellar.
Hot, really hot stuff! Flash
Nice, I really like this young guy, very hot! Great ass & hot hole!!! Love his balls too - really into hot toy play!
I like everything of him – But where is his foreskin?
very hot... beautiful cock and balls. thanks
MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmax..nice sweet treat he'd be anyday..anytime!
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