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Michael Cocksworth
June 28, 2012
Rating for this model: Michael Cocksworth has been Rated 8.3 starsMichael Cocksworth has been Rated 8.3 stars Total Votes: 184
Photographer Rating: Michael Cocksworth has been Rated 7.1 starsMichael Cocksworth has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 144

Age:  19
Location:  Seattle, WA
Job:  Full Time Student
Hobby:  Fire Dancing
Sport:  Biking
Food:  Seafood
Music:  Punk
Produced by Red Clay
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19 year old Michael Cocksworth comes to us from Seattle Washington. Michael is a full time student at his local community college and when he's not in school or studying, he loves and is learning the art of Fire Dancing. Today he is taking time off to rub one out just for you! Michael caresses his body all over, removing his underwear and leans back on the bed. With his cock in hand, he begins stroking his cut cock and massaging his balls. For the most part, Michael is smooth, but sports a nice furry happy trail. He sets on the edge of the bad and begins stroking a bit firmer and faster. Michael bends over on the bed and shows off hairy crack and sagging balls, as he continues to stroke. He stands and crosses the room, sitting down on a bench, where he leans against the wall and continues whacking off until he reaches his happy ending.
Latest Comments:
7/8/13--still a handsome & studly lad!!
Hot innocent looking Twink boi here with great dark features and a certain sex appeal well displayed.Great to see a fine physique, nice hairy legs good pits and a treasure trail leading to unshaven deep pubes out of which grows a beautiful hard cock. What a fantastic hairy hole on this boi...looks oh so tempting for a hot wet tongue work-out...and just look at those low hangers from the ass shot....mmmm well done! Love the cum taste test here and it would be good to join in and lap it all up. This boi is a winner!
8/24/12--a hosp. stay so I'm catching M. for the 1st time now. He could smile more but what abod & agree w/ special praise for that penis and sac (why put a "k" in the word when all are clear what is meant w/out it ?? Nice touch to wave bye-bye at end.
oh my...micheal...back that ass up!!!!
A very tasty boy! Nice balls. ++
femmmmm no thanks
Great Guy
Beautiful boi - all natural, everything in place - just enough ... Wow.
The kid has the potential to lean how to jerkoff while sucking on a cock and getting fucked all at the same time.
I'm only partial cuz he soo reminds me of my first Boy Crush, Scott.
Fuckable ass!!
A beautiful young model. I especially would love to play with that ass.
Beautiful balls and hanging ball sack! Very creamy load, too.
His cocks worth a lot.
Just wonderful!
Stunning young stud - enjoyed every part of him just wished that it was LIVE!!
I'd sleep with that cutie in a minute! i love American boys!
Michael COCKSworth?? Guy is great(very very young) and so is the video, but couldn't he come up with a better screen name?
A promising young man with all the gifts. Would like to meet him when he is 25.
I knew you could eventually find a guy like this. He is sheer eye candy. He proves tha all guys don't have shaved heads. He is just perfect.I hope he is as proud of his dick and balls as I am sure everyone else is. Sure hope he is gay.
Hot, hot, hot! It was nice to see such a great looking young man.
Oh to be a teenager again and meet up with Michael. He is one hot lad. Sooooooooooooooooo hottttttttttttttttttt & Sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
WOW! Michael certainly has fantastic body!-lovely smooth slim physique and very sexy cute smiling face too!-lovely suckable uncut cock and very sexy hung balls for licking and sucking on too!-all in all a very HOT sexy young lad!-i would LOVE to meet him and spend a night and day with him having lots of sexy fun together!--mmmm!!--more please BP of young sexy lads like Michael!--SO HOT & SEXY!!!
Oh to be college age again - I doubt that Michael and I would spend much time in class should I have had the good fortune to have been attending the same college. === Just one point re Michael's bio: He is not cut as is stated.
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