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Mike DeMarko
September 27, 2012
Rating for this model: Mike DeMarko has been Rated 9.1 starsMike DeMarko has been Rated 9.1 stars Total Votes: 233
Photographer Rating: Mike DeMarko has been Rated 8.2 starsMike DeMarko has been Rated 8.2 stars  Total Votes: 185

Age:  25
Location:  Salt Lake City, Utah
Job:  Ski Instructor
Hobby:  Snowboarding
Sport:  Snow Sports
Food:  Mediterranean
Music:  EDM
Produced by Mick Hicks
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25 year old Mike DeMarko comes to us from Salt Lake City, Utah, where he is a Ski Instructor. This solo for Badpuppy is being filmed in Sunny California, taking Mike a bit out of his element. Sitting out near the pool, Mike begins rubbing his super huge, thick, cut cock. He loses his shorts and that soda can size tool stands to attention, pointing to the Heavens! As he leans back on the chair arm, he wraps his hand around it and gives it a good rub and tug. His manhood is not only super thick, but quite the long dogger too! Mike wants to show off is smooth bubble butt and inviting hole, as he kneels forward on the chair, with his balls hanging log. He turns back around and continues giving his cock a firm workout. Now laying back on his towel, he strokes his chest, nipples and entire upper torso. He gives his hole a quick finger fuck, just before bringing himself to his climax, where he proceeds to unload multiple quirts of creamy cum across his chest and abs!
Latest Comments:
Mike has got to be one of BP's best models. His cock and balls really turn me on.
Mike DeMarco is a really handsome guy with a HUGE cock. I like him and love it.
more models like this guy!!!!!
7frogs dose it again blast from the past! Good ole USA grade A prime this is what I'm all about. This was when BP was truely Badpuppy!Love the fat fire plug cock and his handsome grin.
Very Well Man-i-Cured and Delightfully Photographed. A special Treat on Display from all Views, Ahummmmm.
Now, this is what am talking about a young handsome man with a beautiful package. outstanding !
One of the hottest American men I´ve seen. Thanks for that super stud.+++
@jinxed re: "love the pulsating prostate while cumming", when was the last time you checked an encyclopedia under human anatomy. If his prostate was visibly pulsating from the outside, then it's already too late as it's an internal organ not even remotely visible from outside of the body. If it was pulsating, it would of been an enlarged prostate and most likely a cancer patient and not a young nubile thing prancing around naked for us. Did anyone else catch, "Salt Lake City, UTAH", isn't that the Mormon capital of the world?
Handsomely Awesome gentleman w/ a beautiful assets ! Great body gorgeous cock nice balls nice ass. What more could i ask for a man !
Handsome young man w/ beautiful assets ! great cock / balls. bright smile ! fucking HOT, Man ! Mr. DeMarko is definitely a delight !
I'd like to see more. Hot!
Handsome young Man with beautiful ASSETS ! Badpuppy can u please bring him back, butt this time a fucking partner. thanks !
Gorgeous perfection.Love all of him especially the hairy pits.
Now he's what I call a Magic Mike. 10+ in my book.
HOT HOT HOT , love the pulsating prostate while cumming.
@ hitnrun7. What you mean by 3/4th way through? My download runs through to BP's statement 'bout models' ages etc. Perhapes you timed-out while downloading or your file was somehow corrupted in transit. ==================================== But I agree with most everyone else, Mike's a 10+ perfect man, who needs do an encore preferably a duo.
Sexy boy whit hair all the rigth places!
WoW ! what a handsome Man w/ beautiful genetalia. Badpuppy bring him back to fuck a young bottom dude, please. Mick Hicks, the producer, i guess can provide the men. thank you.
Bring him back to top a hot bottom!!!
@dloving...geez, my Applachian roots were showing. Taint is the area between the nutsack and the a-hole. Watch it as he comes.
Geez I'm worried I'm going straight..all these positive reviews and I don't think he's sexy at all. not even cute..complexion? cock shape? little ass bumps? profile? cum shot? just sayin imho.
This is my kind of sexy boy toy, if I did not already have such a hot live in.
9/28/12--Mike is one handsome hunk & I concur w/ most of the praise already lavished on him. Several photos seem to shpw a dent for want of a better term in his scrotum. Intriguing to speculate on how/why this was caused That dick does expand the term, beer bottle cock & nice to see that he can twitch it at will. Let's see more of him--what about a duo w/ a tall, imperially slim black hair guy.
This is perfection
xqy--you have me really curious: what is the "taint?"
Hooly Smookes ! What a handsome Dude w/ a gorgeous homongous hard cock w/ a beautiful body AND a beautiful ASS ! A very sensational climax w/ a beautiful cum shot ! WoW ! Luv this young AMERICAN boy. i was mesmerize ! Man i want that gorgeous hard cock into my asshole !
Nice handsome model. Good face, body & his manly jewels and what a HOT SEXY ASS! Nice All American Boy! Would you turn him down? Not!
He can cum in my mouth anytime.
so fine.
He's delightful, He's delovely, He's DeMarko!
Mike DeMarko is very, very fine young man! Nice all the way around. Thanks, Flash
Wow. Really hot. I like so many things about this guy. I even like his slightly wonky eyes. Like Andy Cohen eyes. Makes you look even harder at his eyes in the photos. Nice COCK, ASS, BODY, HAIR, BODY HAIR. I would flip fuck him for hours. If I could last that long!
all this talk bout his cock. yea its fat but, kinda looks gross all in all-weird shape. i think his best featrues r his face, bodyhair and ass/buns in that order. really sweet face!
OH MY!!..."Nedrow 1" is right-on..."once you've seen Mike's dick,you'll never forget it"! This boi simply takes ones breath away,and that "dick of death" is simply a masterpiece - a sight to behold. The thickness displayed is magnificent and with that curve just fuckin' fantastic...there are no words left to describe it. This boi does have it all..great sexy looks,good overall physique with lovely hair in all the right places, although the chest appears having been shaved along with the pubes, but both are growing back nicely. Lovely hairy hole here and what a treat it would be to explore it fully via a hot tongue and hard cock.Lovely deep pits too. A most acceptable cum explosion which satisfies us all! It is agreed...absolute perfection here in every sense of the word!.
holy shit... this man is fucking hot!! truly very good looking. hair in all the right places.. especially his ass. wow! loved the bikini tan line.. and great smile. thanks
Holy shit what a cock!!!! Also great looking guy. He can put that my ass any time!!!
OMG, Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyy and very interesting performance. Grins licking his screen clean.
It's nice being gay today!
Cute guy with nice BALLS. Mike's cock looks like it spends a lot of time working out, and I hope it is active with the othee BadPuppies!
Mick Hicks (the producer) knows exactly what I like. Keep them coming.
If there were 20 stars...he'd get them! Rivals any Croatian or any Euro-man so far and being from the USA he is one special young man with all the furry parts that need some attention - exceptional smile and nature did him great with his cock and ass - I hate snow but if he was the instructor, I take lessons !
Once you've seen Mike's dick, you'll never forget it.
Hot. His balls pulled up so tight, that nutsack was empty. Nice view of the taint, too, as he came...always give points for that!
Hi, hitnrun7... I have tested the video, and it seems to be working correctly at this time. I will email you to see if you are still having any problems. If anyone else is experiencing issues with any of the videos, please email me directly at "" for assistance. Jeff
Mark needs to do a duo! Or at least I need him to.
What a beautiful young man. Nicely sculpted body, gorgeous cock, bright smile and thoughtful eyes. Thanks, Mike and Mick for a memorable time.
Gorgeous fat dick! Beautiful twink!
Does it make sense that this video stops about 3/4th of the way through.....??? and just STOPS.
Mike is a guy really beautiful! A cock and balls great! Wow! Really exciting!I want his cock penetrate my ass. That would be great!
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