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Niko & Vahn
September 4, 2013
Rating for this model: Niko & Vahn has been Rated 5.4 starsNiko & Vahn has been Rated 5.4 stars Total Votes: 58
Photographer Rating: Niko & Vahn has been Rated 5.0 starsNiko & Vahn has been Rated 5.0 stars  Total Votes: 46

Age:  20
Location:  Philippines
Job:  Students
Hobby:  Sex
Sport:  Sex
Food:  Pizza
Music:  House
Produced by Badpuppy
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As Badpuppy continues to introduce new models that reflect the diverse world in which we live, today's offering brings you Asian twinks Niko & Vahn. Versatile Vahn just loves to fuck, and today he is on the receiving end of a sexy little straight Asian guy that he brought home for some gay 4 pay bareback fucking. Niko will do anything for cash, and he gives Vahn everything he paid for. After some foreplay action with cock sucking, Vahn wants to taste that straight-boy ass. Vahn loves ass rimming & fingering, and it obviously turns Niko on. Soon the guys get down to some serious business with Vahn riding Niko's cock reverse cowboy style, bareback. Niko fucks Vahn all over the sofa in several different positions & ends with a huge pool of cum on Niko's ripped abdomen. On a side note, please pardon the extra cocks in the background. If you've been in southeast Asia, you will recognize this extra bit of local color; we thought the beauty of the boys & hot action make it worth it!
Latest Comments:
great photos - love the cute Asians guys
Excellent- now finally your models are back to real horny erotic sex!
Finnally, hot Asains...keep it up! Would love some AmerAsain also.
Way too many doubles. Bring back more good looking single models.
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