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Noah Thomas
October 25, 2012
Rating for this model: Noah Thomas has been Rated 8.4 starsNoah Thomas has been Rated 8.4 stars Total Votes: 162
Photographer Rating: Noah Thomas has been Rated 7.1 starsNoah Thomas has been Rated 7.1 stars  Total Votes: 125

Age:  26
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Job:  Railroad Worker
Hobby:  Fishing
Sport:  Hockey
Food:  Chicken
Music:  Rock
Produced by Red Clay
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26 year old Noah Thomas is a Rail Road worker from Chicago Illinois. He has wanted for some time to jack off for the Badpuppy members and now that time has come. He strips down and lays back on the bed, taking his balls in one hand and his cut cock in the other. You can't help but notice his amazing body and ripped abs, as he squeezes and tugs his man meat! As he strokes, twisting his wrist with each action, you can watch his cock harden and stand tall. If you watch closely, you can see his legs stretch tight and his toes curl, as he reaches his peak. Noah grips firmer and strokes faster as he launches a thick and creamy load across his tight stomach, finishing with a finger licking creamy treat!
Latest Comments:
Yummy from every angle!!
3/8/13--less enthusiastic than in Oct--complaints from others about lack of movement & smiles are valid. Seems remarkable here that his vy first sperm spew seem to fall straight down rather than fly even a short distance.
This boy is beautiful. But - a boring presentation. +
1/28/13--unlike allegro, I'd be glad to hang out w N. most anywhere but many other posters have a valid complaint that we see so little of his fine bod. Tell Red Clay how to do better from the BP extensive store of knowledge but by all means, let us se N. again--what about in duo w/ a beat of a blonde or gorgeous ginger!!!
a very handsome gentleman w/ plain sexines, simple facial expressions which mesmerize me. gorgeous cock/nice balls. very nice smooth body great physique ! very sensational. i miss the asshole shots though.
Talk about a hot hunk! I'd love to suck him off!
This is my kind of guy.
Excellent smooth and firm body, great physique, beautiful cock and balls, sweet ass and stunning good looks. Fantastic cum shot. WOOF!
A beautiful man stroking a beautiful cock in a very natural way. He doesn't need to groan or pose or do any other fake moves.
very nice dude...
I remember him from CF a few years ago.He was gorgeous then and still is.
Red Clay needs to have his models move around and talk a litle so they don't seem like manequins.
I agree with so many other viewers... this guy is extremely handsome!! I mean wildly cute! But the phographer never even got thim to move an inch! He just lay there and jacked off. No side to side and certainly no ass shots. We didn't get to see his beautiful body~
very, very nice, Esp like the chest
Would like to hang out Noah on a private rail car!
Red Clay could use some advice regarding the video. His attractive model did not smile or look at the camera or groan or turn over or even move much. He looked like he was in pain most of the time. How about some posing or bending or stretching or teasing or dancing or conversation or turning over. He could have humped the pillow to good effect. The photos were better.
10/25/12--one mighty handsome hunk w/ fine equipment including his arse even if not a really hairy one. No complaints, however, about those baby blues, chin, noe eyebrows or a package that comes close to classic. At least & last, a model w/ enuf velocity to hit his chin and once he kindly provides warning that he's coming does he ever, w/ what I'm guessing is tasty cream--wish a I had a taste. Let's see Noah again perhaps w/ a fine blonde beside/inside.
OMFG - this boy is the sweetest piece of meat! Absolutely beautiful smile and hair in all the right places - it is too bad there are too few stars on the rate chart - cause he is a freekin stud and I am headed to ChiTown to hunt him down!
great guy; had to wait for the pictures to see his beautiful ass.
A mouthful soft.
Gorgeous dude: want some of that milk when he's smiling like that!
Yes that's all good, but he needed to show some honeypot
Very very nice, if i were 60 years younger he would have no peace and i would sure get a piece of his piece so we could both enjoy!! Absolutely lovely.
the whole package is beautiful ... handsome beautiful eyes gorgeous cock nice balls where the ass shots ? smooth body etc butt i find him bbooorrriiinnnggg ! Noah U need to drink more milk !
Nice that he can smile and look into the camera with his warm and inviting blue eyes. And he has all the right stuff to go with it. I would like to make him happy, whatever it takes.
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