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Tanner Moore
June 26, 2013
Rating for this model: Tanner Moore has been Rated 6.1 starsTanner Moore has been Rated 6.1 stars Total Votes: 79
Photographer Rating: Tanner Moore has been Rated 5.5 starsTanner Moore has been Rated 5.5 stars  Total Votes: 65

Age:  27
Location:  North Hollywood
Job:  Adult Entertainer
Hobby:  Hanging at the beach
Sport:  Volley Ball & Tennis
Food:  Italian & Seafood
Music:  Can I dance to it?
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Sensual smooth skin, nice ass and fit body. This man-next-door is sexy, good-looking, and gives the impression of being attainable.
Latest Comments:
First of all what attracts me most to Tanner is his smooth clean great body w/ nice skin. Next, his nice personally. gorgeous cock, nice balls , beautiful arse AND a very sensual cum ! LUV IT !
@Hardon: really? I thought the photographer had a short leg, or was standing on an uneven surface. The camera tilt angle thingy is so 1980's... The only positive thing here is thankfully he knows how to use a fill flash to help correct incandescent lighting.
I must compliment the photographer. He did and excellant job. Great shots.
Ejoyed him very much!! nice cock great ass, big pee hole
6/27/13--agree w/ most other posts: Tanner is open, friendly lage navel prob. led to well nourished baby,colors red thru neck as penis engorges, no tats, not shaved--just about all preequisites for great normal guy who also aims to please--wh/ is after all why the models are presented.
nice looking guy w/ a beautiful package. BUTT what attracted me most is his nice smooth clean nicely tone great body and his smile. pleasant personality.
My type: right age, sweet guy, no tatts, seems to enjoy entertaining us. There may be lots of guys out there like that, like the guy next door, but this one nicely shows us his bits.
Sensual smooth skin, nice ass and fit body. This man-next-door is sexy, goodlooking and gives the impression of being attainable.
very average
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