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Venca Pendar
July 24, 2013
Rating for this model: Venca Pendar has been Rated 8.5 starsVenca Pendar has been Rated 8.5 stars Total Votes: 104
Photographer Rating: Venca Pendar has been Rated 7.8 starsVenca Pendar has been Rated 7.8 stars  Total Votes: 85

Age:  24
Location:  Prague, Czech Republic
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Music & Sports
Sport:  Gym
Food:  Pizza
Music:  House
Produced by William Higgins
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Venca begins telling us a little bit about himself, and then he's off to the rubbing & tugging. Let us just tell you, he's got quite a handful with which to do so. With dark hair & eyes, an EIGHT pack, and as previously referenced, one helluva uncut cock, we're looking forward to seeing much more of this Euro straight guy.
Latest Comments:
I adore the way his sack hangs so low beneath his hole when he bends over. Thank you, gravity.
Venca is awesome, handsome, smooth body, huge gorgeous cock, nice pubic hair, beautiful arse. AND WoW THOSE BEAUTIFUL HANGING BALLS took my breathe away. mesmering ! WoW love those hanging balls ! Venca is beautifully endowed !
I forgot to mention his huge sack of balls. LOADED!
Like WOW. Is that really your dick relaxed?A new name for HUNG. HORSE HORSE HUNG. Nice body and cute too. You go boi. More, more, more, please. Such a big dicked bad dog.
Nice way to start the evening session...
7/24/13--Yuuuuum: Venca MUST reappear soon Some package!!;not the thickest or lushiest forest ever but still a mighty impressive one. Gorgeous tool with sac/balls to die for; brvhrt has it exactly:long-hangers, BIGGEST sac I can remember & balls stay right down as V. jacks & so marvellously cums. Leaves me w/ no alternative but to watch again & pray for his return, preferably in a super sexy duo.
gorgeous hardly describes our friend, venca! he is sporting one of the finest pair of balls i've ever seen, and a beautiful ass to boot! lucky bastard!
A VERY IMPRESIVE Youn man that comfortably displays himself to the photograper. Venca has the TOOLs and Equipment that inspire the realms of Desire. I truely enjoy drooling and Lusting with the Cameraman.
Well defined smooth physique with wonderful low-hanging balls, a beautiful cock, delicious ass and sensual looks. WOOF!
WOW!..This young guy is so HOT & SEXY guys!!-love his physique and LOVE that super erect cock of his and his sexy arse too!-very nice sexy pair of hung balls..mmmm!!-more please BP of guys like Venca-He is a real turn on!!-
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