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Abel Montes
December 18, 2008
Rating for this model: Abel Montes has been Rated 6.9 starsAbel Montes has been Rated 6.9 stars Total Votes: 326
Photographer Rating: Abel Montes has been Rated 5.4 starsAbel Montes has been Rated 5.4 stars  Total Votes: 49

Age:  22
Location:  Venezuela
Job:  Supermarket Clerk
Hobby:  Traveling
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Shellfish
Music:  Rock
Produced by Roberto Escorda
This Latin pretty boy is a natural in front of the camera. Abel's passion takes over his smooth tanned body as he rubs himself, getting his uncut cock rock hard. Once his clothes fall off, he bends over and stretches his hole wide open with his eager fingers. Playing with his hot ass makes the cum shoot in a perfect stream.
Latest Comments:
8/25/13--wunderbar: one can detect the frequent pink flush wh/ often accompanies an engorged penis on Abel's upper torse, photo 106 et seq. What a cute young man w/ a brillant smile Abel is.
Excellent smooth body with beautiful legs and sweet cock. WOOF!
11/25/12--not a big boy (22??) but vy nice package wh certainly produces abundant cream--I wonder if those choc. brown eyes supply a special flavor??
Nothing, but I can only give 1 - sorry!
Yes, video is great. Love the cum shot angle; you can see the balls draw up and the muscle throb. This kid needs to be on the end of my cock...he is hot.
He loves his job.. A wonderful and horny boy.
sorry but look much too gay. I m looking for real men.
Pound for pound, Abel is a 10. He is so beautiful. His skin color looks and probably taste like honey, is ass is perfection and I'd lick is all night before fuck him for hours. Beautiful full lips with a mole on top. This boy is a total freak that I could work with. Thanks for the video.
Abel is a really hot hispanic boy to me and i gave him a 9. I only saw the photo shoot, but he's beautiful in many of the shots, and really excellent in getting into the cum and showing us how it's affecting him! Great!
Doesn't do a thing for me.
a rousing 10
What a beautiful and supersmooth model! We can see from the video just how ultra smooth he is :-) and yet from the photographs, we'd never be able to enjoy his perfectly smooth legs - or realize how playfully sexual he is :-( Roberto, have you studied Tom Bianchi's work? No, I'm not suggesting you copy his work or his style. But why is it that his photos are always so sexy no matter what the model looks like? And Abel Montes is such a beautiful subject! The purpose of photography is to delight and arouse (at least erotic photography). Too many close-up butt & hole shots, and too many up close cock shots make the session look like work for a medical textbook. Roberto, don't photograph what you think some imagined audience wants to see -- show us what you find sexy about the model. If it were me, I'd certainly include shots of his legs because I think guys who shave are sexy -- but maybe that's not what gets you hard. The thing about erotic photography is that it is as revealing of a good photographer as it is of the model himself. Photographer as disinterested by-stander = work for medical textbooks. Abel is one beautiful boy. He should be photographed by someone who is genuinely aroused by looking at him. If that's what you did Roberto, great! It's just that you and I do not share the same vision of what is sexy, at least about Abel - and I respect that, I really do.
Unfortunetly, I cannot agree that Roberto did a good job on this shoot. He has only shown us one side of the model. We see the model in a state of arrousal and that is it. I gave this shoot a c-. That is why it is rated so low.
This man has got it all............ I wasn't 100% with him until I watched the clip. He's a natural and not at all inhibited. How do I find him! YUM!
I'd say he rates A for enthusiasm/horniness.
You need to see the video to really appreciate this model. The photos are a poor reflection of his sensuous nature.
I just love those hot South American boys - Abel's a 9 and I can't belive that thus far he's only been rated at 5.2 (4.9 approx) before I voted. And well done Roberto on your first? model.
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