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February 28, 2008
Rating for this model: Billy has been Rated 6.7 starsBilly has been Rated 6.7 stars Total Votes: 500
Photographer Rating: Billy has been Rated 5.3 starsBilly has been Rated 5.3 stars  Total Votes: 62

Age:  28
Location:  New Jersey
Job:  Stock Broker
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Baseball
Food:  Grilled Chicken
Music:  3 Doors Down
Billy wastes no time stripping down to a jock strap after a light work-out. This sexy stud drops his shorts, to play with his tight hole. He flexes his ripped body as he strokes his thick cock, while showing off his low hanging ball sack. After bending over to show off his hairy ass crack, he ends with a milky cum shot.
Latest Comments:
This guy has been around years since early 80s
WoW ! Incredibly great body, gorgeous cock, nice balls and beautiful ass ! AND nice hair in the right places ! it pleases me to see such a HUNK !
Nice guy, but too many hard dick grabbing poses, lighten up a bit and just show it!
MORE of this one where can I see more of him ??? how about another shoot? any movies ?? great JO material thanks
I want to bury my face in his arse. Superb shoot
I like this guy. He'd look just as good in a tux across the table in a nice restaurant as in his cut-offs in the gym. At home, he wouldn't have anything on, of course.
He is indeed an adonis. I really like his body, it's perfect, the abs, the chest, those legs. Wow. I really enjoyed the fact that he was so hairy. The chest hair, the belly, and he knew we were watching and enjoying just that. He strokes his hair seductively. LOVE THE PITS. He has those wonderful arm pits. I love the way that he smiles at the camera with that I know you want me to fuck you look. The cock is exceptional. Those lucious balls. He was called Tommy in the interview, where can I see more????
This is a hot mature "boi" and I especially like the gym setting for this shoot showing his work-out routine, albeit, limited to the upper body. The jock strap too is a winning combination for this shoot. A fantastic hairy bod on display here..great chest,pits and legs together with good pubes. Good upper body definition. An incredible ass and hole displayed in a very sexy way...with the ass stretched high in the air over the work-out bench. Lovely tight hole which becons to be explored more deeply. A beautiful long thick hard cock here which explodes nicely giving us a great cum shot. It is good to Review a mature model from time to time and Billy represents that group well.
H eis a very hot and sexy man! I do like that kind of man...
Billy is a definate hunk with an incredible piece of meat and a totally rimable ass!! 10+
After viewing today's newest model, I needed a hair fix, and Billy took care of the itch. We need to see more guys like him.
Love to see his hary chest through his undershirt.I would love to handle him through it and grab his tits!Any chance of him doing some shots in Y-fronts?
WOW ! love this guy ! Beautiful tool ! would love to chock on on every inch of this hot tool ! that hair turns me on.
Ah yes! A hot man wearing a jock strap with body hair to boot. Incredibly sexy and provocative to say the least. Photography was well done and serves Billy justice with his sex appeal. A good example of how a MAN should look.
Please more hairy guys!
As i said - freakin hot with a horse dick i would eagerly chock on!!!!
This freakin hairy Adonis makes me so hot - incredible man!! I would gladly chock on every last inch of his beautiful cock!
a hunk clothes with queen art. Pity. It s not very often when Badpuppy offers hairy men. But please the should have a straight appearence.
billy looks very much like billy bidell. any chance he is the same guy. I saw that dick many years ago when we worked for the same company.
WOW - What a MAN, Please keep the razor away from him, he is SEX on legs WOW
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