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Brandon Monroe
January 5, 2010
Rating for this model: Brandon Monroe has been Rated 7.6 starsBrandon Monroe has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 319
Photographer Rating: Brandon Monroe has been Rated 4.2 starsBrandon Monroe has been Rated 4.2 stars  Total Votes: 197

Age:  31
Location:  New York City
Job:  Lifeguard
Hobby:  Reading
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Pasta
Music:  Beyonce
Produced by Gio Caruso
Hairy hunk Brandon Monroe drops his pants to show off the monster meat hangin' low between his legs. He grabs a hand full and begins to pull, then flips around to show off his bubble butt. It doesn't take long for this seductive stud to squirt his man juice across his furry abs.
Latest Comments:
awesome ! ruggedly handsome gentleman with a beautiful package ! great cock and luv that beautiful pubes !
Very Handsome, love the hair on his chest and the way it highlights his nipples, spectacualar subject and photography, WOOOOOOF!!
Ruggedly handsome gentlemen w/ a gorgeous cock / nice balls and hair in the right sexy places. love it.
I WONDER WHERE THIS rugedly handsome model is NOW ??? MISS this guy w/ a gorgeous cock, captivating smile, great body, beautiful pubes. wish i could see more of him.
AWESOME HANDSOME MAN. GORGEOUS hard COCK with "bushy" hairy in the right places. i am mesmerize w/ this rugedly sexy guy. mischevous captiviting smile. He is hot man !
superbly sexy HOT dude w/ a gorgeous penis and HAIR in the right places. Oh ! and i love the sound bangs of his balls. sensual performer ... enjoyed it.
ruggedly handsome guy ... luv him esp. his beautifull pubic hair and a great cock. nice smile and a beautiful cum. give us more of this guy.
I am a hairy guy everywhere except my ass. So how does some one know if he shaved his ass. I have never shaved mine !
Hairy hunk - SHAVED ARSE - (sorry) YUK
Gorgeous from the front, truly awful from the rear!
Man, this Brandon Monroe is really very sexy & sensual. seen him in nextdoormale videos w/ Wyler & other models ... he is superbly sexy and enjoys sex.
Beautiful body, hair well manicured and looks good on this man. Excellent cock and balls with a sweet ass. WOOF!
Brandon ... i am back. just cant get my mind thinking of you. i find you pretty boy mesmerizing. you are super hot. i love your whole body. its ecstacy viewing you.
super hot dude. luv his beard, his lovely hard cock, nice balls and ruggedly handsome face. AND luv that sound w/ his balls when he plays w/ that beautiful hard cock.
Brandon is either the best actor in human history, or else he really enjoys jacking off in front of a camera! If you don't have sound, go get it to hear the noise his ball sac makes as it hits his taint.
Brandon is a really hot guy. Great body and such a beautiful dick. I noticed that in his 2006 photo shoot he was 23 years old. Now in 2010 he is 31. This guy has really matured fast!!
best looking model i have seen in a long time. i love his hairy body. bueatiful smile too. more kie this guy please!!!
Well, yes he's nicely hairy w/ a fine big cock and hairy balls. BUT what a disappointing cum shot !! A huge erection & then four DROPS, not spurts of cum dribble out. Hasn't the model heard of saving up ? Not a stellar New Yr beginning in this corner w/ a 7 rating resulting.
Brandon is all man and yes, super hot. Amazing cock , especially luv the head!!!!
Brandon aka Hanlon is definetely a sexy guy! It is refreshing to see a good looking guy that doesn't have all his body hair shaved off with the exception of his balls. What can I say, I like hairy balls also. Too many close-up shots with arms and legs cut off. Whether he goes by Brandon or Hanlon, he definitely is a really hot guy.
Holy shit, what a hot stud. He is perfect. Love the hairy chest, great dick. Enjoyed the noise those massage balls made as he rubbed that lucious rod. This is a keeper.
This hot "mature" boi was last seen in a May 2006 posting and that great cock and bubble butt certainly remain the best assets. Over the three years I think the bod has been maintained nicely...still good muscle definition and the "shaved " look has nicely disappeared..and a great asset. Beautiful hairy chest and legs are indeed a winner and the fuller neat beard just add to the overall sexy presentation. Brandon is still a winner and much hotter with that hairy bod!
i love a mature man... body hair is a must have. a huge cock and a great smile are a bonus.. please come back again soon.
When a man has hair as beautifully placed as this, clipped is preferrable to shaved. WOOF! Outstanding cock and handsome face.
A busy stud! But I think he needs more time for a greater performance.
I know Hanlon (Hard-on!!) best as Brandon Monroe and he is SUPER-HOT! I love hairy guys best of all, and nobody can deny that Brandon has a mighty-fine forest going on there, not to mention a monster dick! If he dived in to rescue me at the pool I'd be using that thing as a life-raft.Brandon is a brilliant performer so I'd better go and download his solo pronto! Thank you Badpuppy for kick-starting the new year with such a hot stud...First Devin Moss, then Brandon Monroe.Could you please add Girth Brooks to the roster at some point to make it a hat-trick!!!
A ruggedly handsome dude - great face with all the parts that make me want to jump into his pool and need to be saved! Sweet!
Hanlon is a pretty amazing guy. He has a great body, nice smile and beautiful cock. I wish the photographers would take more close ups of the models asshole, hands, feet, armpits and neck. It would be nice to see those areas that some people are turned on by. I would love to see more of Hanlon.
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