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Chas Kramer & Levi Stones
February 21, 2008
Rating for this model: Chas Kramer & Levi Stones has been Rated 7.3 starsChas Kramer & Levi Stones has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 455
Photographer Rating: Chas Kramer & Levi Stones has been Rated 4.1 starsChas Kramer & Levi Stones has been Rated 4.1 stars  Total Votes: 71

Model:  Chas Kramer
Age:  19
Location:  Jacksonville, FL
Job:  Janitor
Hobby:  Camping
Sport:  Water Skiing
Food:  BBQ
Music:  3 Doors Down
Model:  Levi Stones
Age:  20
Location:  Kissimmee, FL
Job:  Burger King
Hobby:  Skateboarding
Sport:  Surfing
Food:  Latin
Music:  50 Cent
Produced by Orlando Models
These southern boys get hot, horny and naked in public going down on each other like the sluts they are. Chas & Levi suck cock, then they fuck some ass on the hood of a car leaving a slippery sweat streak dripping off and finishing with a milky facial.
Latest Comments:
Not much hotter than two young guys getting off. Love that top and his nice balls and not-to-think cock that he used very well. The camera man needs to use the light better to show the cum flying.
oh man had an instant hard on. bEAUTIFUL MEN. DROOL DROOL.,
I agree they needed to go inside or have other campers join them. This was hot and bland at the same time. And the directors shouts were very annnoying
both these guys are amazingly hot. can't even decide wish would be my favorite. Both have great bodies can fuck like rabbits and have great hair. BEAUTIFUL men. went staight to favorites
Amazing exciting delicious beautiful horny bodies and especially the cocks with the pictures when they masturbate and suck!! Great exciting guys!!
The Boys are great to look at but 1st agressing w/ Nick: why the hell on a auto hood ? No privacy and max. discomfort. I'd tell Orlando "we'll find a better spot" Both packages impressive but Levi w/ that gorgeous dick (the size of a beer bottle and about as long!) makes even Chas less impressive. Not that he doesn't pls w dimpled ass, splooge enuf and tints of auburn all over. Wonder if Levi is naturally auburn or if hair dye helped--his bush tho a fine one didn't seem as auburn. Overall tho vote each an 9 and straight on my fav's list.
Where is this park? I want to camp out for a few nights!
i wish i hadsome !yummm!
Fucking horny young boys, loved the scene stripping Levi out of those sexy briefs, what a bulge, I would love to nosh that off
they seemed to enjoy each other and were not indifferent
busy and horny young boys...
These kids, who seem younger than the years given, seem cute together to me. They appear to be into the sex. I'm not sure they're always enjoying it. Why are there several photo sets of young guys doing it on the hoods of cars? It doesn't seem like a place most would want to do it, or find that comfortable.
I give 10 points because of the masturbation scenes
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