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May 13, 2010
Rating for this model: Cy has been Rated 6.8 starsCy has been Rated 6.8 stars Total Votes: 235
Photographer Rating: Cy has been Rated 3.6 starsCy has been Rated 3.6 stars  Total Votes: 152

Age:  23
Location:  Canada
Job:  Dancer
Hobby:  Body Building
Sport:  Hockey
Food:  Meat and Vegetables
Music:  Rock
Produced by GK Image Studio
Buff muscle boy Cy is smooth, ripped, inked and about as hot as they cum.... he flings his thick uncut cock out of his tight g-string and starts to pose. He grips onto his prick to jack it harder squeezing his load through his foreskin.
Latest Comments:
What a good hunk of meat. Too bad about the tattoos on that beautiful skin.
i find CY a little bit " chubby" but handsomely gorgeous. luv his hard uncut big cock ... would certainly luv to deep throat that cock. disppointed shaved hair, no ass shots.
please bring him back to do a duo action video.
Sorry but he needs some of his natural body hair to look like a MAN again - especially arsehole - hate them shaved never been into the "babys bottom" look
i woundn't kick him outta bed for eating biscuits
not interesting
nice smile handsome face nice dick but not a guy i'd luv to have sex w/.
Cy is beautiful.End of story.
CY is freakin hot - the ass, the veins, the foreskin, the beautiful pink cockhead -- YUM
Love the beefy look, but Puhleeze let your pubes grow out. Cy is a gorgeous guy. Love the cock; can just taste it. It might be good to have that beefy cover come winter. He certainly floats my boat.
This boi is certainly a "muscle stud"...just look at that upper bod, massive chest,arms and thighs, and yet, he could be more muscular with much more and needed definition in my books. Agree, he looks a bit "too beefy" in this shoot... and the total shaved look is unnatural and a shame really,although the legs appear to have an ever so light dusting. Let the pubes grow at least! The uncut cock would appear the best asset here. Boi is disappointing to me!
Cy has a winning smile on those few pix where he shares it BUT how is he going to keep warm in a Canadian winter shaved totally?? I agree w/ the other posts wh/ find natural hair a big plus. Also Cy IS rather chuncky (at 69,looks who's talking but I'm not a model & never thot I could be one)---fine cock however w/ those prominent veins & shows us some real cum--guess I'll bend up to 8 for his smile but perhaps a 10 if furred naturally.
Yumyum love the windsock type foreskin
I am so sick of guys shaving it all off.
great face... but lack of body hair is a real turn off.. sorry.
Hot, smooth and hard body. Excellent cock and nuts. Smooth feels fucking great against the tongue, while rubbing cocks and especially eating ass. Smooth gives a clean and sanitary appeal to a man, while hairy bodies and especially crotches look dirty and smelly.
I wish that he would have a tiny bush of some sort.... the totally shaved look does not turn me on... ehckk
Handsome beeeeeffy dude with a great uncut jawbreaker - that sweet shaven body is hot - would have liked to seen that asshole slick and wet time
Too beefy for my taste. Shaving is also a real turn-off for me. Cute face, though.
Don't care for pics of men who shave off all their pubic hair. It just doesn't look natural.
"Oh Canada..." Cy is one beautiful man. I love his body and his uncut cock. He is very handsome and he is a man that takes care of himself. Would love to see more of him.
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