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February 23, 2006
Rating for this model: Dave has been Rated 7.0 starsDave has been Rated 7.0 stars Total Votes: 606
Photographer Rating: Dave has been Rated 5.0 starsDave has been Rated 5.0 stars  Total Votes: 42

Age:  23
Location:  Akron, Ohio
Job:  Personal Trainer
Hobby:  The Gym
Sport:  Weight lifting
Food:  Healthy
Music:  Toby Keith
Produced by Skooki
Latest Comments:
Thanks travixxx this is what I had in mind for my request to the new BP ownership. Yes he is HOT !!!!!!!!!
Not too impressed with Dave and his gutt, that's starting to look like a tire and his butt, that might represent many large servings of potato salad. I would say," unforgivable" for such a young man though I suppose his boyfriend can deal with it as Dave makes up for it with his generous "platefull of Pecker" . For me, it's not at all appealing and I have to give low marks to him and the photographer / studio, both for an uninteresting layout...
Great looking model and assets. Nice if he could have spread those ass cheeks for a look at his inner treasure
bring him back again... he's gorgeous!!!
Dave - I LOVE you!!!
model very good looking.. still shots were great. film was awful..
Dave has an ever lasting hard hot cock.
HELLA-HOT BODY going-on big Dave! Uncut is also melting me! 100 % beef all around! ALLUPINYAH!
I think Dave is hot! I want my tongue up his ass and his cock down my throat -- anytime.
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