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Davey Biggz
December 4, 2008
Rating for this model: Davey Biggz has been Rated 7.6 starsDavey Biggz has been Rated 7.6 stars Total Votes: 460
Photographer Rating: Davey Biggz has been Rated 5.5 starsDavey Biggz has been Rated 5.5 stars  Total Votes: 86

Age:  28
Location:  Los Angeles
Job:  Office Manager
Hobby:  Sailing
Sport:  Basketball
Food:  Organic
Music:  Josh Groban
His name says it all! Mr. Biggz is bulging in all the right places. From his manly pecs and abs, massive quads, firm ass and rock hard cock Davey flexes every muscular inch. He tears away from his gray boxer briefs showing off his naturally smooth physique. His big balls are a load lighter by the end of this shoot.
Latest Comments:
Great STUD ! DAVEY's greatest assets ... gorgeous huge cock and low hanging balls ! Man ! DAVEY is HOT !
I love everything about this man. He is a Perfect 10. He is also absolutelt HOT HOT HOT to look at in 'Straight Guys 4 Gay Eyes' under the name of Beau Flexxx He can also be found in 'Hot Desert Knights' but I don't trust this site from the negative responses I read from three trusted review sites, so I can't comment on his appearance there.
Fantistac!!! Great dick and balls yummy cum shot Very nice camera work
For guys who are turned on by balls this dude is nearly as good as it gets. Those big bull balls are my idea of heaven.
Great bod, but he didn't need to shave a think below the neck
A REAL MAN'S MAN! Pant! Pant!
Excellent body and outstanding cock & balls. WOOF! Beautiful physique with minimal hair...sweet!
Among all, he is the most handsome man with a beautiful face, body, and great size of cock and balls. I can hardly find a man with all these features. Maybe one in a million. A perfect 10 is my rating.
I love his balls. Its too heavey to swallow. Just nice to fondle, squeeze and play with. Might need to weigh his balls.
very good looking.. please bring back the bush...thanks
magnificent pair of hangers. luv to lick it. and his penis gorgeous...excellent for fucking. Man, hes hot. although i would have like to see more ass. also pubs not too great. love pubic hair. as a whole the cock & balls are Davey's great asset.
Davey- you are a great stud.
Not the best camera work for the available material, the guy has some great low hangers which are his best feature but the most was not made of what was available, anyone can wank off but play with your best parts and stand out from the rest.
Not bad at all!!! Great cock (despite loss of foreskin) and balls. Balls are especially magnificent. Could go for Davey in a big way - all of him. Love to suck him dry.
Missed this one somehow when it first appeared. Pity! Glad I found it. HOT! p.s. The videos does have a money shot at the end. Very nice, actually.
perfect all over! great looking set of ball's and cock.
luv the cock and balls
I'm curious,did this guy get fluffed by the cameraman? If so, lucky bastard!!
Davey is a classic. He gets you hard just by the look on his handsome face----and then there's that incredible cock and the most fantastic balls I've seen in a long time!
WOW what fantastic balls!!
He is an extremly hot man. A perfect stud!
is it true that this video features no money shot? there is no way i would bother downloading it.
True, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and the same goes for eroticism. I'd suck this guy's dick at least once if I saw him grab his crotch like that in his underwear. Provocative photo shoot to the model and the photographer.
Beauty is the eyes of the beholder! I gave this guy a "10" rating: this is because he is absolutely My Type! I think that We Gay Men tend to rate a guy model according to what turns us on the most. I believe that this is true of most Human Beings. To me...this type of Man is just ripe for the picking......if we can find one that also wants us! To me everything about him is so wonderfully wholesome, decent, clean and Masculine.
Mega man. My dream, hot arse, cock, balls, and love the underpants
MY GOD; If I were rich enough i would try to find him all over the wold. he his my phantasmus. Totally. I would have given much more than 10 If I could. His glance and his way of looking toward the camera iks very sexy.Provocating
my god his ball sack is magnificent...and i really don't normally go for the tanned publess muscle fag look but he's damned goood!!!
A hot hunk but again, video way TOO LONG esp. if we don't get to see him cum !! An 8 for me.
man-this guy is hot-best cock on the site!
perfect horse, horse-dick and horse-balls and absolute intersting pants, mmmm!!!
perfect horse, horse-dick and horse-balls and absolute intersting pants!!! mmmm!!!
Nice Body & balls. Would liked to have seen more hair.
What a perfect man, perfectly hung handsome, I could ride that cock all day! Hott
Pretty fine. Certainly wouldn't kick him out of my bed, but I agree he's over-shaved. And maybe it's just me, but for a 28-year old he's got one of the most unattractive asses I've ever seen. Definitely nice bod besides that.
Sweet set of nuts. Nice pits
Nice bod, good dick and a nice pair of lowhanging balls and best of all a delicious bellybutton! Not to sure about the face though and could be a lot hairier to my liking... dick and balls: 8 bellybutton: 9 body over all: 7 face: 4 body hair: 3
incredible low hanging balls and mouth watering dick. What a suck-fest.
CSBWSBG - Cute straight boi who should be gay... Needs a top to let him know what he wants.
didn't do a thing for me.
A very hot and good looking model for gis age of 28 I ignored the shaving,as his body was perfect to me. I gave him a 10.
mmmmm nice set of balls.........could get very excited about this one
Very nice physique. However I agree with some others that he (like virtually all Badpuppy models) is "oveshaved." Just image a hairy chest on this dude!
HOTTIE! Great body and he works at keeping it that way - shave it and show it! a 9 for me and would love to see him under my my bed and all over me!
Average, with nothing exceptional except a little bigger dick. Not my type.
Why he shaved that nice body?
He's right - nice abs & beautiful tools but unless seeing cum is the highlight of your life -not worth staying 35 minutes.
Incredible low hangers.
Fit bod, like too many today shaved arse, trimmed pubes, predictable, dare to say boring SORRY
This is one of the hottest I've seen in a long time.
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