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Dayton O'Connor
March 11, 2010
Rating for this model: Dayton O'Connor has been Rated 7.9 starsDayton O'Connor has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 295
Photographer Rating: Dayton O'Connor has been Rated 3.8 starsDayton O'Connor has been Rated 3.8 stars  Total Votes: 196

Age:  24
Location:  San Diego
Job:  Porn Star
Hobby:  Art
Sport:  Lacrosse
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Classic Rock
Produced by Gio Caruso
Sexy stud Dayton O'Connor drops his pants and is ready for some action. Look into his brilliant blue eyes and you know he means business. His long dong flops out and over his jeans, growing inch by inch. He takes hold and milks it one drop at a time.
Latest Comments:
Goodlooking lad .. I wish he did not shave his body hair nor trim his pubes. His cock is awsome. Sucking him would be yummy. I wish he showed his butthole or a close shot of his crack.
He is hot I would Like him to scre my GF and I Screw him
It would have been nice to see some pics of his hole. I guess the photographer doesn't like that sort of thing.
Whilst not gorfeous, not half bad looking either. One photo showed a half-smile which made him look cuter. Would have liked a clear shot of his ass. Otherwise, excellent.
AFAIK, he started with Sean Cody, sorta vanished for awhile, then came back with a number of web scenes for several sites and then added in some DVD appearances. IMO, all his SC scenes are very hot because he's such a naturally good performer and as a few have pointed out, he's not the best looking dude to ever do a gay porn, but he's still cute, hung, nicely built without being genetically blessed or living in a gym and usually naturally lightly hairy in all the right spots. His best scene, or perhaps best known, for Sean Cody is the flip/flop with the even more popular Ajay. He seems to be more a natural top but he bottomed very well for Ajay and more recently in some other scenes.
Oh Yes!...definitely a hot good looking boi here and a pleasure to see. A nicely well worked-out bod showing good ab definition and this boi"s finest asset that gorgeous cock...long and hard, with a great set of beautiful balls. Nice treasure trail here leading to good pubes and the light dusting of hairy legs always sits well with this Reviewer. Also like the ass on display here but a shame we have really no close up shot to inspect further. A most respectful cum shot. A definite winner!
This blue-eyed Adonis has it all -- and I want it bad!Great cock - looks super yummy!
Hot w/ wondrful big blues & a vy choice package (intriguing how those goose eggs stay down & defined JUST before cumming!). I cna't call Dayton movie star handsome but few if any wdd reject a encounter with his fur, fine physique those nice long legs & equally stretch us prock. Agree: lets see more of him, preferably in a duo--what about a red head buddy??
Nice looking guy. The photo shoot would be better if he smiled and looked like he was enjoying himself.
Dayton O'Conner, I was looking and waiting for a close up of your love hole. You got a great body, real nice cock and balls, hair distribution, cute face and smile. Thanks Dayton, Happy Saint Pattys Day! Flash
dayton is very good looking.. photo's not so hot. never a good ass hole shot. like to see him come back..
awesome gorgeous guy. as i expected. luv it. glad he has a vid. looks great. hothothot !
it starts with his engaging blue eyes... and just keeps getting better! he is quite close to my definition of a perfect man. thanks, Dayton; and yes Badpuppy, more please?!
Dayton is "hot hot hot"...would love to see more of this cutie!
Pure beauty. Dayton is a keeper. Let's see more of him.
Nice uncomplicated model. For once I thought the photos were better than the vid. Nice clean images and proper use of light.
Dayton is too good to let go so soon with his eight inch cock stretched tight, his nuts grasping in his sack for their firing position along with the excellent camera. Is he in any movies -- love to see how he inter-acts with other guys, a versitale top/bottom -- I'd have him back anytime, anywhere. A nifty person he is.
Dayton is a cute boy. He looks very innocent. Great!
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