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Devin Moss
January 2, 2010
Rating for this model: Devin Moss has been Rated 8.4 starsDevin Moss has been Rated 8.4 stars Total Votes: 387
Photographer Rating: Devin Moss has been Rated 4.6 starsDevin Moss has been Rated 4.6 stars  Total Votes: 256

Age:  20
Location:  Nashville, TN
Job:  Model
Hobby:  Computers
Sport:  Swimming
Food:  Cheesecake
Music:  Country
Produced by Gio Caruso
Dirty white boy Devin Moss gets buck naked, exposing his natural physique and seductive personality. He pushes his jeans to his ankles, showing his monster bulge underneath his briefs. He whips out his thick uncut dong and starts to stroke, shooting a healthy wad of boy cream across his lap.
Latest Comments:
I love this guy wow love it when he is fucking himself with that huge cock of his and he is so cute wow would love to meet him I think I have found my favourite now
devon is one hung stud great huge cock and balls with a nice hairy bush above his tool and what a great ass also he can fuck me anytime and then would love him to cum all ove me and then suck him dry
Sexy young man with natural smooth physique, supple sweet ass and amazing large cock. Innocent looks add to his attraction as a boy next door.
devin has one massive cock would love to suck on that monster and then let him fuck me wow that would be unreal he also has a nice bush and ass
WAY too much hand on dick... whatever happened to 'showing it'!? pose the guy, he's got a nice cock and a great bush.
One criticism - Caruso could stand to give us just a little bit longer on the wide shot before zooming in on the cock & cum. He does this on seemingly every video, and it kinda drives me nuts in a bad way.
Was trying to say 'Great Pubes' guys !! I am sure you shall all agree !!
What a fit young man. A natural lad with great pipes and a gorgeous fat cock and balls. His pink ass hole is to die for and I adore his gorgeous hair and face. A prefect lad !!
Could Devin be any nearer perfection!
Yum yum yum. Hot guy.
Hot! Hot! Hot! There IS nothing like a long thick UNCUT cock and by Gaud this boi has it all. Leaves a fella rock hard!!
i want devin up my ass now!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats for beginning a new decade with a fine presentation. There is no doubt the best asset here is that monstrous thick meat and what a pleasure it is....and that hole rates a close tight second. Nice to see some hairy legs here and while I might prefer a light clipping of that dark bush...the effect on this boi is ok. Great potential exists to add some muscular development to the upper bod and would like to see the overall effect, say within a year with some good gym training. Could be most impressive. Must check out the Barrett Long XXX Amateur Hour with this boi to see how he takes another monster. A winner here in my books!
OMG! This guy is packing! Wouldn't mind sucking on that for a good long time! =p
OMG, Devin is freakin perfection! How I would luv every inch of his massive tool ramed deep down my throat....I promise not to gag!!
Devin does have an impressive weapon between those legs of his! You can also see him taking an equally impressive 10" from a str8 guy on BaitBuddies all the way up his fine ass!
George3527 - Devin has done several vids for Cityboyz including "Up and Cummin" and is topped by Barrett Long in Dirty Bird Pictures' "Barrett Long's XXX Amateur Hour" And, yes there is a lot to "lust" about Devin:)
I love everything about this guy. Nice start to the New Year.....
A nice boy with a great dick...
I've been 'in lust' with Devin for some time (who wouldn't be ?!!!). What films has he done with other boys ?
The face of an altar-boy, the dick of the DEVIL!!!!!!!
holy shit.... what a cock!! kid's not bad looking either...
Very attractive guy. The dick is almost too out of porportion with the rest of the package, but it will do. Nice ass.
AKA recently debuted Jamie on Corbin Fisher
now that's a cock................
One very HOT young gun! Perfect meat and all the fixin's a boy could want and more! Have seen him around and he's off to a wonderful start in the industry - and with that massive tool he's bound for some very sweet moments, both top and bottom would be exciting to watch! a 10!
Is it big enough, who wants to get hit in the head with this, and who wants to lap up this cum, must have generated three unanimous "I do's" from this crowd. A playfull, engaging, yet humble young man with a succulent flashtian juicy hot love hole, he's one in a million.
100% winner
What a start to 2010. hope the standard is maintained.
soft look combined with hard rock candy. what a stunner!
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