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January 8, 2009
Rating for this model: Dylan has been Rated 6.4 starsDylan has been Rated 6.4 stars Total Votes: 300
Photographer Rating: Dylan has been Rated 4.3 starsDylan has been Rated 4.3 stars  Total Votes: 43

Age:  29
Location:  Miami, Florida
Job:  Construction Worker
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Tennis
Food:  Mexican
Music:  Hip-Hop
Produced by Corkscrew Media
This hard body, big cock stud will blow your mind, as he blows his load! They say some of the most beautiful people live in Miami, and Dylan is a perfect example of what you'll find there. Tanned and smooth from head to toe he's bulging from every inch of his masculine physique. He pulls the hot cum from his huge piece just just like a straight man!
Latest Comments:
Hot smooth body and nice curvy cock. WOOF!
11/25/12--Dylan is an apparently friendly guy but sexy ?? Poor pubes has hardly ahything for his low grade velocity cum to fall upon. And no tan lines 'cause no tan--in Fla.??
Sorry not hot at all - due to excessive shaving
Dylan is just gorgeous. luv most his huge tool w/ a big head (perfect for a nice suck & licking). nice butt but i was disappointed he didnt show much of his asshole. i prefer bushy pubes but his trim pubic hair looks cute on him. what attracted me most is his huge long penis & the big glan ( head).
QUITE EXQUISITE.Lovely skin, and figure....but construction worker......Phooey// with those shaved pubes etc. all he has constructed is possibly a B&q table...or a directors casting couch...but gorgeous
Good looking and nice body. but why do do many of the models shave or trim their pubes.
Don't like the shaved look
nice hot model, would love to suck on that big cock. Too much jerking, damn, does it really take that long to cum? lol thanks for the ass shots in the video; could have been more.
Beautiful body. Perfect dick. Definitely one of the best models I've seen. Great photo shoot. The video is better than most, but I would like to see him take his hand off his dick and do some posing in the video. Excellent shoot overall.
Unfortunately, I have to agree.
Some guys just don't have what it takes to be hot. Even a big dick won't help that much.
why not let us hear the conversations, what the model is thinking, particularly his sexual thoughts and fantasies. Why not have the model invite all of us to jack off along with him?? Most of us do anyway, so make it explicit. Who's directing these films? BP has great models but terrible photographers!!! What a waste of fine male flesh and sexuality!
the smoothgods have smiled
Beautiful eyes - and a great piece of meat! His tan needs work but all in all - he could do some damage around me and there would be no complaints!
Nice body, compact, smooth, well-put together..... But why no sound throughout the movie? I rated the model high because I thought he was hot, but it was all about him because the videographer lacked imagination or skill, I don't know what. Seems BP should specify to those who send in videos a list of requirements based on a survey of its members. Such as: light quality, sound, steadiness of the camera, focus, shadows, location, etc.
corkscrew.. you are producing junk...
Nice body but a bit lacking in variety in the shoot.
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