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September 5, 2004
Rating for this model: Esteban has been Rated 7.8 starsEsteban has been Rated 7.8 stars Total Votes: 624
Photographer Rating: Esteban has been Rated 5.7 starsEsteban has been Rated 5.7 stars  Total Votes: 56

Age:  22
Location:  Brazil
Job:  Night Club Bouncer
Hobby:  Playing My Guitar
Sport:  Working out at the Gym
Food:  All Fruits
Music:  Dance
Latest Comments:
ohmygod this man is soooo sexy... muy caliente!!
O K Jeff: I know you're there,,, looking at your "lover boy" .... # 92... he's looking right back at you, waiting for you to make the move>>>>> dive in!
One of my absolute favorite studs on the entire site!
How can anyone be so beautiful? This lad is a total knockout!!! Forget 10. He is more like a hundred. Like to give his glorious cock some special attention.
I've lusted over the 'Alexander' boys before but not seen this sweet man.. I think it would be too frustrating for me to have him as a lover,,,, I'm sure I'd cum before I got all the way up into him...what kind of love making is that??
yes, what a hunk of a Dude. love his " bushy" pubes. AND a beautiful cock. would certainly love to suck and eat his cum.
I'd love to shove my dick through the jungle hairy crack after I suck him dry. What a gorgeous lad he is from all aspects. I wish he had kept his hair on his chest! He's is extremely hot though.
Cum to daddy!!!! Yeow!
I love this guy, He is hot, but more than that he is so comfortable getting naked and stroking. I love it when he is writhing with pleasure, when he walks to the camera and offers his cock with a big smile on his face. I like it that he is proud of his cock and body and he makes jacking for the camera a very beautiful and natural thing to do.
Not surprising that Esteban gets such a high rating, he is one hell of a good looking guy! He's handsome, he has a great body, he's hairy and he has a BFD with a great set of balls! My chin hit the floor looking at the photos of him. Watching him shoot his cum was a big fuckin' turn on! Alexandre did a really good job taking photos of this guy.
He is beautiful!
If this guy doesn't deserve a 10 - No one does. He is perfect in EVERY way.
What a hunk! Loved those hairy arm pockets and the pubes plus a really nice uc cock.
wonderful; excellent photos. very masculine and sexy. very wellbuilt. Slightly hairy. Perfect
One of the best looking men I have ever seen Is their a video of him anywhere or can he be reached in person
and to think I'd sworn off chocolate ... wow!
This guy is freaking hot. I want every inch of his incredible uncut dick shoved down my eager throat!!
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