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Hunter Ford
August 21, 2010
Rating for this model: Hunter Ford has been Rated 7.3 starsHunter Ford has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 237
Photographer Rating: Hunter Ford has been Rated 6.5 starsHunter Ford has been Rated 6.5 stars  Total Votes: 179

Age:  21
Location:  Texas
Job:  Student
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Racing
Food:  Sushi
Music:  Rap
Produced by Gio Caruso
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Hunter is a cute twink that has no problems showing off for us. He has a hot ass and a big dick and was thrilled to show off for Badpuppy. He was great to work with and we really hope to see him again!
Latest Comments:
Yes Hunter, I do LIKE THAT !!
Manscapers paradise - just awful
wow...nice n it,
lovely face but i don't think his body goes well with it & the shaving is too much
Yummy from head to toe - shave him completely and you have one hell of a toy for all day/night fun! Great vid too!
Nice man - but no broadband video.
Certainly an outstanding young Twink boi here showing good and acceptable assets.This boi is nicely shaved and while this reviewer is prone to the "au natural"state, especially the legs, the image here is good. Would like to see more development to the upper body and that could develop nicely with some serious gym training. Overall good looks, an amazing ass and hole which needs a deep rimming followed by a long hard fuck....lovely thick cock and an acceptable strong and beautiful cum shot from this boi. One last thought here... might as well shave all the pubes to make a squeaky clean boitoy to play with...from head to toe, not a bad idea! A winner!
Hunter is a showstopper, outstanding, compliments from one of your most senior members, really love your recent work.
Great cum shot.
Hey guys, to "unhijack" poor Hunter's page I am moving all comments that have to do with the interface to: here. Please discuss it there
a lot of mileage for a twink.
He would be fun to play with ;-)........!
nice all around love to fuck that and do alittle flip flop
He looks a little bit grave, but he has a nice body and beautiful tees.
Hunter is adorable. A great model in all respects. He is a joy to look at and fantasize about. However, I hate the new thumbnails and really liked having them all displayed on the left while I could browse them and see the larger picture at the same time.
Hunter Ford is VERY NICE! The photography is qute good.
Just my type.
He can come hunt for me any time!!!
Very hot guy with a beautiful ass & fat cock. Want to see him in action with another guy!!
Agree!!! Hot young guy!!! BUT I want the Bio Info back!!!! or easily accessible.
Nice four A bum.......all in all very nice. But I too miss the bios
handsome young man. beautiful ass & very nice butt. love his cock, balls & body.
Nice cock and balls and love the body. However, I do miss the bio's or I have yet to figure out where BP has stashed them.
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