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Jason Reed
October 2, 2008
Rating for this model: Jason Reed has been Rated 7.3 starsJason Reed has been Rated 7.3 stars Total Votes: 440
Photographer Rating: Jason Reed has been Rated 4.6 starsJason Reed has been Rated 4.6 stars  Total Votes: 62

Age:  27
Location:  San Diego
Job:  Gardener
Hobby:  Partying
Sport:  Men
Food:  Thai
Music:  Pop
This sexy college stud flexes his smooth toned body and poses for the camera. Jason strips down to his boxer briefs and slips his huge cock out the side. He jerks it pulling it harder and harder. He shows off his perfectly round ass just before he rips a juicy load onto his abs.
Latest Comments:
amazing bravo
Beautiful man! I want to work his nipples into next week while massaging that manly joystick!
what a good-looker!! really nice!
At age 27 he looks like a very well-built teen-ager! Love those nipples!
re: suggestiv photos - suggestive of what? Photographer has his right leg shorter than the other? Or his head is permanently cocked to the right? If the photographer had any sense, he or she would not of let the model squeeze his cheeks together as in photo b1423x178.
o.k. He is a hot man...
The photos are the most suggestiv photos I have ever seen on Badpuppy. Excellent. I love his hands. Very masculine hands. I d be ready to give him my fortune
What a sexy, cute face. This boy reminds me of the straight (or closeted) college boys that are masculine and mabe a little dumb( Im sorry I mean innocent) that I see every day and wonder what they would be like as lovers. I like the socks because it adds a nasty quality. Natural body hair would have been a big plus.
Great looking dude - could take more pics and vids of this hottie - that cock puts out a nice load and the shoot was pretty good too - more of that hot ass would be nice !!
I saw Jason Reed at the Folsom Street Fair a few years ago. The pictures don't do him justice. Drop dead gorgeous, and sweet too.
Nice looking, pet hate shaved rears
very nice-would like to see more shots of his hole!
Very Hotttt! I beleive the photog did a fine job with him and this is surely just the beginning of many more we will see of this hAWT fukn guy if he so desires.
He's a pornstar. He's on Doggone video
Very cute... but HATE the socks! I wanna see the feet too, please!
Very hot and straight looking.....beautiful body, eyes...etc.,etc. would like to see his sexy feet.....
he is the everyman... the guy on the street I see and would like to.... and while not untouchably hot in a model kind of way, hot as an individual. Nice. I agree, the photographer missed the opportunity.
i love the model... i hope 2 c more of him... but i agree the photographer did not do a good job...i want 2 c more of the model head 2 toe without the socks...and i want 2 c more least triple the number of pics posted
I thought he is almost perfect>I gave him a 9
nice body....would have liked to see more of his balls and bum....but I'll take what I can get....
I agree, the photographer did not do this model justice.
I don't see it guys! His looks are far from hot. His body isn't anything to brag about and neither is his cock. Man, I'd put him near the bottom of the barrel.
The model is great.. Unfortunetly the photographer was not... 1
I am sorry, but I had to come back to this vision of majesty, he has an almost God like look, I would certainly worship at his feet, I am afraid I would be lost in his eyes, what beautiful eyes he had…I wished there were pictures. Ray
Nice, ass, tasty cock...beautiful eyes...
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