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Jericho Miles
July 8, 2010
Rating for this model: Jericho Miles has been Rated 7.2 starsJericho Miles has been Rated 7.2 stars Total Votes: 220
Photographer Rating: Jericho Miles has been Rated 3.8 starsJericho Miles has been Rated 3.8 stars  Total Votes: 152

Age:  22
Location:  Chicago
Job:  Personal Trainer
Hobby:  Swimming
Sport:  Gymnastics
Food:  Mexican
Music:  House
Produced by Corkscrew Media
Sexy stud Jericho Miles loves showing off his smooth body, nipple rings and floppy balls! He wraps his hand around his thick dick and jacks it hard, squeezing his boy juice from his shaft!
Latest Comments:
i find JERICHO good looking amiable guy ! i love his gorgeous cock and lovely hanging balls. nice ass too.
What a neat little trim! - not hot - oh what could have been
Gotta add my 2 cents...this guy is a true badpuppy in my book. Please have him grow his hair out, save up his cum and return?!? OH, and then shave online, LOL.
Nice body and hot balls and ass. What a treat.
No one mentions this young man' sexy voice. I could listen to him for hours, and if he could get into it, I'd also like to give him big wet kisses for hours. He looks smart enough to enjoy long bouts of foreplay. Maybe He'll let me know.
This is the stuff that keeps me coming back. More Jericho and others like him please. I do agree with several of the comments about the shaving - it sometimes leaves unattractive bumps and stubble. Trimming is much more attractive. But I would gladly romp with this young man no matter. He's really fine all around.
The comments submitted to date here are well made and I most certainly can agree.Both video and still shots are good. A very handsome good looking boi here...great smile, lovely well worked body and nice hard cock which produces a satisfactory cum shot albeit,would have been good to see more! A fantastic trail here and lovely hairy legs that are a must with this Reviewer, and a great hole which would be good to explore more deeply. Would be good to see what this boi would show if he remained "untouched" by the razor for say a six month period. The nipple rings add a certain sexiness here and one can tell they are a sensitive part of the body. All in all a nice addition to BP and a winner in my books!
One of the best looking guys I've seen for a long time. Thanks for showing us hi great face and smile, his cock slowly getting hard from a soft start, his lovely legs, so many shots of all parts of his body in both close and long shots, for showing us the pre-cum and the amazing tension in his body as he cums - especially his arms. Thanks for the low hanging balls that rise up as he gets close and the flush of blood in his chest. Thanks for letting him keep his underarm and pubic hair. I will forgive him for shaving his beautiful chest, but still would like to see what it is like natural. I also wonder why he had chosen to shave his lower abdomen like that... next time just a light trim with clippers, cos the razor stubble is not becoming! I don't mind that he doesn't shoot that hard, as I can imagine being down on that cock sucking out every drop of his load, including the pre-cum!!!
LOL @ Dash... I noticed that too... he's blah.
Jericho has a swimmers body. Very smooth, loved his nipple rings and also his hairy legs. Lovely smile, gorgeous suckable balls. The vid was well shot, good angles and Jericho worked very well with the camera. Nice shoot. Would have been perfect had their been more sperm.
Nice pics from a beautiful young guy.
Jericho, I do like what you've got. Thanks for asking. I liked the way you pulled off your undies, displaying a loving set of nuts and soft cock, sat down on the sofa proceding to bounce your low hanging nuts off the cousion while you commenced to jerk off for us. Nice silkie stream of precum. Enviable rimmmmable butt. Just a nice guy, a pleasure to be with.
not bad at all.. very nice looking young man.. and that cock is perfect.. photos very nice too.. bring him back soon.. thanks
Who gave this kid a razor?, looks like he shaved while jumping out of an airplane
A great assortment of poses. And only one small, fairly unobtrusive, tat. Good work.
above all ... this video shot is very good. The still pics are very nicely taken too. now, the model ... very handsome w/ a beautiful smile. nice asshole nice hard penis & lovely lowhanging balls, well rounded nuts. my oh my ! i love this model.
Excellent--more like this one please.
Very cute! I love the happy trail leading to that awesome cock and balls. I could suck on them forever. What a stud!!
Nice young stud - great trail and just enough stuff to make you want more .... more .... more!
Yes. I think Corkscrew has got it now. :) :) Nice shoot.
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