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Keith Soreno
April 1, 2004
Rating for this model: Keith Soreno has been Rated 6.0 starsKeith Soreno has been Rated 6.0 stars Total Votes: 417
Photographer Rating: Keith Soreno has been Rated 4.9 starsKeith Soreno has been Rated 4.9 stars  Total Votes: 20

Age:  23
Location:  Tacoma, Washington
Job:  Nail Technician
Hobby:  Cooking
Sport:  Crabbing
Food:  Teriyaki
Music:  90's
Produced by Kristian Modeling
Latest Comments:
Beautiful man with a great body,nice hairy pubes but why ruin a beautiful cock with a piercing.
great cock nice bushy pubic hair (luv it very much). amazing cockhead beautiful to suck but why have that metal thing? gorgeous body too and handsome face. luv this model.
Keith has an incredible penis with an amazing cockhead. Take out the studs, shove that dick down my throat and fill me up with your sweet creamy man-juice!
Looks sullen most of the time--why do a shoot if you aren't happy and out to please ? Wenham doesn't mind metal studs but I wouldn't like them in my mouth or ass !!
Keith has a great cock that I would luv to find sliding between my ready lips!
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