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February 13, 2010
Rating for this model: Marc has been Rated 6.7 starsMarc has been Rated 6.7 stars Total Votes: 239
Photographer Rating: Marc has been Rated 3.5 starsMarc has been Rated 3.5 stars  Total Votes: 161

Age:  18
Location:  Germany
Job:  Print Operator
Hobby:  TV
Sport:  Running
Food:  Hamburgers
Music:  House
Produced by Tom Siefert
Marc gets buck naked and back to nature, showing off his playful personality and tight body. He flips over to spread his horny hole then sits back to jerk his hard cock, squirting a healthy load under the sun.
Latest Comments:
I agree! very hot
Love him!
Oh dear - for me completely and utterly boring - SORRY
Some drawbacks maybe but those nice pair of buns willingly pulled apart is a real turn on.
This is an example of why circumcision is a crime. This kid is cute as hell, but the scar tissue around his circumcision is terrible. This happens all the time. I have two small permenant piercings under the head of my cock. I can actually put a loop earring in if I want. I am not into piercing... Fortunately mine is not seen unless you are really looking carefully... Circumcision is a crime.
Sweet lucious hole!! Yummy cock!!!!
Certainly agree with the comments already posted here...the video production leaves much to be desired and that off camera clicking sound is simply tactful and unprofessional! This boi does not get hard,and the cum shot is weak, however the upper body on this boi is starting to develop and needs diligent work with gym training...that boi hole would appear the best asset here....smooth and so so ripe for some deep exploring. Certainly a "smoothie" least the light dusting of hair on the legs is in tact. Disappointing shoot to say the least!
Loved the smooth look - but can't decide if he's had a circumcision that's left plenty of loose skin or if he's 'trained' his foreskin to permanently reside behind his corona?
lack of pubic hair is a turnoff
Interesting young dude - you can almost feel the heat!
Okay BP... You are allowed one bad shoot a year! And this is it!!!
AWFUL! Worst BP post in many years!
cute but looks like he was circumcised with a saw in a woodwork shop
Lovely young man but this has to be one of the worst shoots I have seen.
Beautiful model with good physique and smooth skin...too bad the photography did not do him justice.
where is his body hair?
Is he really only 18 years old? He hardly gets a hard on. I dislike if a model has to milk a semi hard penis. Additionally the foreskin is in bad condition. I am disappointed.
Who can say with the rat tat rat tat of the Brownie camera, his package displayed in the shade, doing tricky things on dangerous old equipment . . . . I guess its true we are lucky anybody shows up to strip naked and jerkoff for us. Marc is a nice guy. Available for this shoot.
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