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Mario Costa
January 28, 2010
Rating for this model: Mario Costa has been Rated 8.0 starsMario Costa has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 281
Photographer Rating: Mario Costa has been Rated 4.4 starsMario Costa has been Rated 4.4 stars  Total Votes: 188

Age:  23
Location:  Cuba
Job:  Unemployed
Hobby:  Travel
Sport:  Baseball
Food:  Cuban and Italian
Music:  All Music
Produced by Gio Caruso
Seduced by his intense stare, Mario Costa pulls his horny audience in to give them one hot show. This heart pounding Latino drops his pants to let it ALL hang out... every inch of his uncut cock! He forces his erection down between his legs to show of his tight hairy hole, then flips around for a hard milking.
Latest Comments:
Beautiful gay Love his ass!
I LOVE Mario! I would love to meet him!
Mario has a magnificent, breattakingly beautiful thick cock.
The last few minutes of the video are priceless, especially in slow motion, when Mario milks the last few pearls from that gorgeous uncut appendage!
Absolutely love this guy! Incredibly handsome and what a wonderful body and equipment. One of the best!
the video is a little bit dull, maybe 'cuz Mario is a bit not so sensual butt cant complain ... w/ such a long homongous cock, it compensated for the rest. However w/ that huge tool inside my hole i will certainly be very happy & contented. i'll surely have an ecstacy ride.
Derek says ... yes, Derek, i know the site. u r right Mario Costa is gorgeous in that site. i love him cuz he is versatile. he bottoms & tops. i prefer him when he tops. wish though he tops me.
Mario is a "favorite son" on another site that features Extra Big Dicks. He appears in quite a few videos there. He sports a nice 5 o'clock shadow. Very entertaining.
OMG ! i am greatly impressed ! This homongous cock surely took my breathe away ! How i wish this beautiful cock is inside my asshole.
Impressive alround
OmG ! what a huge humungous cock ! AND long too. GOSH ! that would make me very contented & happy inside my ass. Gorgeous ass too. was disappointed w/ little cum plus Marios was not sensual. BUTT w/ that huge prick ... i will certainly be happy.
Wow. He could have your eye out with that!! Nice hot arse too.
he/she???? mother nature is behind this making and her maker is a he.. enough of that!! he does has a big one!
He/She broke the mold when he/she made this one, I'm sure. Perfect in all aspects and such a nice thick uncut cock.
A Badpuppy A+
I'd have him any time so I could nestle against that huge uncut meat and suck it to orgasm in my mouth. What a delicious drink! I could live in Mario's genital area. hot Cuban boi here and overall a gorgeous site to behold! A fantastic bod with that hairy hole just beginning to be had...looks oh so ripe.....but it is that large thick cock nestled in neatly trimmed pubes that has to be this bois best asset....just look at that!...every inch just begging to be taken all the way down. Other than what this Reviewer thought was a weak cum shot....this boi is a winner!
Mario -OMG what an amazing piece of meat! I could suck on that delicious foreskin for days before mouthing that yummy cockhead and swallowing every sweet inch of that stupendous cock!!!!
What a great latin stud! I like his big cock, his lean body, his hot ass. Thanks.
Thank you Mario Costa for a courgeous body. Big cock, nice lean body, beautiful face, fuckable love hole. flash
I like him
If I could get the head of his cock in my mouth I think I would be pleased, though I would try for more. A good mouthful of that cum would be delicious. It would be sheer heaven. Love to swallow his cum.
Henceforth a humungeous cock can simply be known as a Mario---wow !!! But from that fully city of Vienna sausage, relatively little cum; don't think Mario had saved up more than a day if that. This a bit disappointing here as was pubes shaved too much but he's a genuine Latino hunk, no doubt about it.
How long could you spend burying your face into and lapping, rimming his butt, stroking, milking his hard cock downward. How long could you spend stroking, kneading, deep kissing together. How wonderful would he shove his fat, plump headed cock into your butt until you clinched tightly his base to hold him. How gracious and humble he was for us as he stroked to cum. Reminded me of our high school swim class where we, twenty five of us teenagers, walked naked from our lockers, to swim class before getting towels as we left fifty minutes later: we all would have been hard, with Mario, the hefty, built, swimmer's build standing in front, next to us. . .nice guy.
That huge cock is an object of worship. I like the way he teases us & talks. Nice long time spent with him bending over and showing his hole and huge cock at the same time. Will spurt to this one over and over again, I imagine.
Impressive! Both Mario and Caruso's photo shoot. Mario is another handsome, lean, hot latino, but his pubes were trimmed a bit too much. That wouldn't stop me from trying my best to satisfy him sucking his big dick and giving me a few more stretch marks around my mouth.
sweet guy, beautiful neat body, these latino guys certainly do it for me.
Just a little too much. I guess it would make a good play toy.
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