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Mike D.
February 7, 2000
Rating for this model: Mike D. has been Rated 6.4 starsMike D. has been Rated 6.4 stars Total Votes: 286
Photographer Rating: Mike D. has been Rated 4.0 starsMike D. has been Rated 4.0 stars  Total Votes: 23

Age:  26
Location:  San Diego, California
Job:  Military
Hobby:  Clubbing
Sport:  All Sports
Food:  Cantonese
Music:  Counting Crows
Produced by Lee Chapman
Latest Comments:
incredibly beautiful guy. BUTT that was 12 years ago. hopefully he's still got " it " now.
What a classically proportioned rod and balls!! Almost as life-like as the typical fantasy caricature lol. And shaved is fine with me, I prefer a fully unobstructed view of the goods! :)
It'd be interesting to see some of these guys *now* (2010-11) when they're in their 30s, or beginning their forties. (Mike D, here, is an example: did he lose the shaving, to which both jimmyg & I object? Has he filled out? Sagged? & so on...)
Possibilities, but shaved.
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