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Paul Walker
November 5, 2009
Rating for this model: Paul Walker has been Rated 7.9 starsPaul Walker has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 308
Photographer Rating: Paul Walker has been Rated 4.1 starsPaul Walker has been Rated 4.1 stars  Total Votes: 205

Age:  22
Location:  UK
Job:  Sales Assistant
Hobby:  Martial Arts
Sport:  Martial Arts
Food:  Steak
Music:  Club Music
Produced by Monstah Media
He's all business, even after he takes it all off exposing his tight body, from his killer 6-pack to huge erect cock. Paul sits back, dick in hand, stroking it long and hard til he blows one heavy load.
Latest Comments:
great body w/ a huge cock w/ a nice balls. love his nipples too. would luv this huge cock inside my hungry hole anytime. Disappointed no asshole shot. Hot juicy creamy load ... yummy-yummy.
gave him an eight, only one thing wrong, no hole shots
I totally agree with "WARREN57", the BLAKE MASON site he mentions, it is very boring and predictable, and this model, altho' very attractive, fits into that website perfectly
What a fuckin fit guy. Paul has an amazing fat cock and fuckable ass !! Would love to eat his cum !!
TOO porn prepared otherwise he good have been a fantasy - I hate that Blake Mason site predictable & boring as hell
to masterbates, please contact me, i love this site!!!
love those yummmy nipples, need more and more models with big nipples, a lot of us prefer yummy nipples to a cock!!!! give us more choice like we used to get! nipples,ohhhh boy,pleasssse!!!!!!
What is it about him i like everything. He seem to be doing the round of the gay web sites. He's been on Englishlad, Blakemason and twinks
As a man who has a nipple fetish, Paul would be a great afternoon cuddle while I licked his nipples and massaged his cock!
What a stunning young man. Great face, body hair and package, all with some nice touches of hair in the right places. I do agree that it's a shame to get a lovely model like this, who did actually produce a decent cumshot (if neither huge nor explosive) and then to get a photographer whose lighting and camera angles don't let us see him to best advantage. Nice to see his face as he cums, but we also need a better angle of the action - this is why the two camera shoots are good, where we can get a repriese of the cumshot from a different angle.
Paul knows how to look sexual in shot after shot, turning me on. As if his nice bod and big cock didn't! In the first photos he didn't look like much, but when he started stripping he became a really hot guy I'd really like to meet for some serious interaction.
I love his cock!
Paul's ass just begs to be rimmed and that beautiful cock belongs down my throat! Awesome!!!!
A great boy. Very sensitive with a huge cock.
Paul "blows a heavy load"??? Let's be serious, BP staff. It is a pitiful load and we don't REALLY SEE him ejaculating AT ALL !!! The video staff should have retraining! Paul does have big succulent nips and a nice enuf package, minimal treasure trail & (I wonder) a shaved chest--why otherwise should his pits and legs show this amt of fur ? I'll stretch to give him 3 stars but he suffers from the presentation.
Beautiful young man with a hot body and outstanding cock...too bad not too many shots of that sweet meat or his ass.
No ripe hole shots! :(
Great model. He had a very nice smile a great body,a very nice big cock, with all thay he was handsome and beautiful, I gave his 5 stars
Paul is a complete man package! Great body, hot mouth, nice dick. I would love to wake up with him next to me.
Tantilizing young dude! Huge nipples to lick and other awwwwesome parts to enjoy!
You got that right, surffl. Paul's mouth, his pouty graceful lips, beckoned for a cock, a nice fat long cock for him to taste, tantalize, take, sliding his lips up and down grasping at times the whole thing into his back throat. All the while his hen sized nuts, with his legs spread wide, seized up against the base of his hard shaft promising promising his hot fresh cum. The only thing silly was that print on his left arm. He didn't need anything else other than himself as he is.
Not only is his dick and body hot, he has the most sensual mouth.
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