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Peter Bigges
November 15, 2008
Rating for this model: Peter Bigges has been Rated 6.7 starsPeter Bigges has been Rated 6.7 stars Total Votes: 333
Photographer Rating: Peter Bigges has been Rated 4.6 starsPeter Bigges has been Rated 4.6 stars  Total Votes: 40

Age:  23
Location:  Toronto Canada
Job:  Web Design
Hobby:  Dancing
Sport:  Skiing
Food:  Hamburgers
Music:  Dance
Canadians have all the right moves. Peter undresses slowly revealing a tight body and naturally hairy pecs. After peeling away from his checker board boxer briefs, he whips out his huge uncut cock. He wastes no time fingering his foreskin and bending over to show off his low hanging ball sack. His facial expression compliments his slimy cumshot perfectly.
Latest Comments:
11/25/12--can't believe 4 yrs have passed but despite his pleasant manner & fine equipment it's still a cum dribble, not a c. shot.
he is a total hottie !!!
This guy has the same dick a good friend I had in college. He would undress in front of me with that great dick, I never got to touch it or see it cum. Now I get to see it cum. Yes!
a super sexy guy. I like that he talked to us during his shoot - not a milestone in the history of English drama, but sexy talk none-the-less.
Like this overall look to him. Great to see the upper hairy chest...nice trail and good pubes.... albeit there has been some shaving. Lovely uncut cock which does grow nicely and explodes well.
Peter is one sexy guy - and when he pulls back that beautiful foreskin to reveal a magificent cockhead - WOW!
looks quite natural. why dont you show us much more so natural ream men or young guys ?
What a beautiful piece of uncut meat. Totally suckable!
OMG! The rooster haircut has escaped from Europe and come to North America! Call the CDC! We have to quarantine Canada!
make it bigger and cum
yo! dloving. bit intense huh? N E Way. Nice good looking guy and the hair works for him. yes i agree on the pubes. too much shavin' goin' on! He's a hottie!
hey look - it's the Heat Miser!
to femmmmmie where is the str8
Agree about the hair style but on the other hand who looks at the mantelpiece when stoking the fire!!
Nice average guy, nothing special. Glad to see pubes, though.
nice uncut dick-hot ass shots!
I rate him 7-8 and was glad to have 2 but not more groups of stills. But once again, why almost 30 mins of video; those of us who love a cum shot would, I suspect, rather have more 12-15 min. ones, 20 at the tops. That said, handsome guy and I did not find him arrogant or unpleasant, altho his hair style and piercing is not to my taste. But, hey, eaach guy to his own and I still gave him a relatively high score: I rarely go above 7.
Looks quite natural, more men like this PLEASE
nice lips and pits and that crack...munchable as hell! The hair is sweet too, even on the pecks and crotch, nice to see some pubes.
It looks like I am the first to make comment! I can say nice cock bad hair day! I also thought the model has a nice comfortable looking ass. I would not mind some exploring of that delectable crevice. What can I say I am just a horn dog! R.R. Pearce
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