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Richie Sabatini
March 12, 2009
Rating for this model: Richie Sabatini has been Rated 6.7 starsRichie Sabatini has been Rated 6.7 stars Total Votes: 315
Photographer Rating: Richie Sabatini has been Rated 4.6 starsRichie Sabatini has been Rated 4.6 stars  Total Votes: 52

Age:  21
Location:  St. Pete, Fl
Job:  Dancer
Hobby:  Boxing
Sport:  UFC Fighting
Food:  Chinese
Music:  Variety
Produced by Gio Caruso
Richie's playful side shines through as he gets naked and shows off in front of the camera. From his seductive smile, to his thick tool and sly moves, he lays it all out. He flexes his smooth muscles and impresses his audience by bending over to finger his eager hole. His sexy climax deserves a taste as he leans in to lick up his milky load.
Latest Comments:
Could have been gorgeous - COULD HAVE BEEN - stop bloody shaving does nothing to the look of a mans body but put it backward to pre-puberty
I like him. No apology here. I could easily take him to bed and enjoy it. Not enough pictures /shots of his butt hole.
He has a short manly body, pretty dick perfectly sized, he knows how to massage his body and ass with his pretty fingers; his ass is square and plump, oiled, with a nice pink long hole - nice skin color with beautiful hair on them. I could fuck this man for hours, he even makes the right sounds. I would take what he gives me spit, cum, piss, I love him.
This dude is hot and sexy; he rocks my world. i want to see more of him.
For me, a pretty good-looking guy with a nice body. The real asset of this photo shoot is that Richie really knows how to put himself into coming. He lets you see it all.
Richie Sabatini has a nice clean and healthy look about him, real nice 'love hole' waiting and longing to be ploughed. He would love to have anyone lick his cum off that table and shower his body with kisses. Very nice Richie, thanks! Flash
Well, he does it for me. The photo session is a bit to dark to show off this man's cracks and crevices and hight points. I would like to see more of this stud.
Not bad looking but not outstanding either--a 6 for me vs. 6.6 overall on 3/13. Maybe it's a Fri the 13th jinx; and the video tho not bad is longer than it need be.
so-so...but very soft looking feet for a supposed dancer....didn't do it for me
Hey guys, this is Ben from here at Badpuppy. The more detailed the comments the more we can give feedback to the photographers to correct any possible issues. You can do it here or in the forum thread for this model
Nice body but needs a better director.
Not much!
Nice cumshot and nice in most departments but looks like a job for Viagra.
Doesn't do anything for me as well
Just not doing it for me
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