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January 18, 2007
Rating for this model: Vaneay has been Rated 5.4 starsVaneay has been Rated 5.4 stars Total Votes: 468
Photographer Rating: Vaneay has been Rated 4.7 starsVaneay has been Rated 4.7 stars  Total Votes: 20

Age:  25
Location:  San Fransisco, California
Job:  Trolly Operator
Hobby:  Being with friends
Sport:  Working out at the Gym
Food:  Any kind of Chicken
Music:  Akon
Latest Comments:
Do not shave,looks like a old woman.
I grew up on a cotton plantation in the Deep South, If any of the 'locals' looked like this fine fellow I'd sure go back to 'choppin'..... and 'plowin'..... and 'plantin'. "Summa Time and the livin is easy" 3 ''BOINGS" here!!!!!
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