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Zach Daniels
July 28, 2007
Rating for this model: Zach Daniels has been Rated 8.0 starsZach Daniels has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 702
Photographer Rating: Zach Daniels has been Rated 5.2 starsZach Daniels has been Rated 5.2 stars  Total Votes: 42

Age:  21
Location:  Edisto, South Carolina
Job:  Fast food Asst. Manager
Hobby:  Deep Sea Fishing
Sport:  Anything Outdoors
Food:  Jerk Chicken
Music:  Bullet for my Valentine
Produced by Orlando Models
Latest Comments:
Definite 10. Seductive good looks, and balls and cock to stop a truck. Would eat every drop of this guy.
I need to suck those balls and that amazing cock. Freakin HOT!
Back after 3 months for another look; Zach surely beats Paris (Oct 22, '06-also from Edisto) all hollow!! Zach as every post says is BIG ALL OVER--goose egg balls, succulent nips, and a truly impressive cock (catch it slightly drooping in profile, end of the vid.) w/ a 1st spurt as big as any seen here. Too bad Orlando didn't find a more atmospheric locale but then Zach wd look impressive anywhere.
He makes South Carolina look so good. Hot ass, hot balls and hot dick.
Cd be the boy from next door but w huge cock and big succulent nips !! Who'd turn down a play date. Notice the many posts across the last year--guess we all fall in a similiar direction.
Zach Daniels - OMG what an incredible set of balls -- not to mention his totally suckable cock!!
A great American boy with a very hot equipment...
OMG this kid is perfectI love his ass and incredible balls but most of all i love his cock head. I could suck on it for days and then swallow every inch of that glorious shaft.
A fucking 10 - only sorry that it wasn't my car that he was naked on! Can I have another sir!
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