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Tyler Shields
October 29, 2011
Rating for this model: Tyler Shields has been Rated 7.9 starsTyler Shields has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 211
Photographer Rating: Tyler Shields has been Rated 6.9 starsTyler Shields has been Rated 6.9 stars  Total Votes: 160

Age:  22
Location:  Indiana
Job:  Unemployed
Hobby:  Motorcycles
Sport:  Baseball
Food:  Mexican
Music:  Lady Gaga
Produced by Gio Caruso
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Tyler Shields is a cute 22 year old stud from Indiana. Tyler is here to Jerk off, just for you! He removes his shirt and blue jeans, down to his fitted boxer briefs and begins rubbing, stroking and squeezing his cock. He rubs his chest, running his hands across his pierced nipples. As he bends over, he begins massaging his hole, then taking hold of his cock and tugging it in downward strokes. Now kneeling on the couch, he begins vigorously stroking his cock, looking direct into your eyes, through the camera. As Tyler nears his peak, he lays back on the couch, jerking his way to a thick creamy cum shot across his abs!
Latest Comments:
This cute twink works for me. His hairy little butt holr made my tongue hard and his cum short was nice.
a "KUTIE " ! Beautiful shot of a very nice hairy ass ! great cock nice pubes and a thick creamy cum !
An outstanding young and very HOT HOT Twink boi here,with a nicely toned overall bod with definite sex appeal. It begins with the face and that beard which compliments the wonderful hairy legs and hole which display well. Oh that ass....simply a beaut that begs for deep attention. Not to be outdone,great balls and cock are also impresssive on this boi and what a cum explosion..a treat! Must agree with "louidvs"....the "shot of his face after orgasm is priceless" A winner in every sense of the word,and close to perfection too. The great hairy and toned bod really does it for this Reviewer.
wanna eat it sooooooo bad
I had to comment...totally hot young man. Hair in all the right places; Tyler, never let them tell you to shave your armpits or ass! You are perfect! Ever in Tampa area I'm on aol...grin
I do not know why we in the US insist upon mutilating our boys. But--in this case--although he was cut, he showed a great performance. I'd take him home with me any time.
A hot guy.++
Tyler is hot. Let's get him a partner and see what he can do. Roby is right!
A nice boy! He is a good looking one.
love to his cock soft it it a treat to see it that way he so cute i just wanna eat him all day and play with his cock ball his whole bod
Perfect body and hot looking stud. A top 10 for body, balls, ass, and hot hot cum load/ orgasism! Tyler is one hot guy.
I love Tyler's naturally hairy body. He is a hunk in the making. I hope we see more of Tyler Shields.
This boy has the face of an angel! The rest isn't bad either. The one brief shot of his face after orgasm is priceless.
Damn. Wish I could offer him a job.
Why should fine stud Tyler,slum as a drvier--make him a an offer as FULL HOME HEALTH AID and get it often in that capacity in bedrooms and boths. I know I'd pLENTY of "Loving Tasks f or him to fulfill involving massage, supportimg whem walking and 100 other things . Way to go and use A FRAbjoua LAD.
Tyler's a keeper. Slendor, neat balls, a mouthful of hard cock with a six shot deluge of fresh hot young cum all while being a little shy, set-back.
Another tasty treat....YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is one cute guy. He is right in every proportion. He is the one to die for. I would love to offer him a job as my driver cum lover.
Bonner City for this young man, perhaps he is a lil" camera shy. SUPER HOT GUY.
love the guy, the body and the cock....
I agree, WOOF!
Sexy smooth upper body with sensual dusting of leg fuzz, sweet cum shot and tasty cock with big balls. Adorable face. WOOF!
I rejoice when I see a really good looking guy who still has his pubic hair.
i can't believe he is unemploy he is so beautiful and looks so intelligent and energetic in europe he could be a star is he ambitious?
This is perfection..I've been waiting 10yrs on BP for this...He is absolutely perfect...GOOD GOD I'M IN LOVE....HEAR ME TYLER!!!!!!!
A cute true American Pie ! nice hairy arse, nice cock. luv his pubic hair. luv his thick creamy cum.
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