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August 21, 2004
Rating for this model: Dustin has been Rated 6.5 starsDustin has been Rated 6.5 stars Total Votes: 555
Photographer Rating: Dustin has been Rated 4.2 starsDustin has been Rated 4.2 stars  Total Votes: 26

Age:  18
Location:  PA.
Job:  Ice Cream Parlor
Hobby:  working Out
Sport:  swimming
Food:  Chocolate
Music:  Britney Spears
Produced by Orlando Models
Latest Comments:
Delightful and Very Comfortable in front fo the Camera, with Good Reason. Grins
I really want to kiss you, Dustin Daniels.
A great model but a piss poor lazy photographer---where were the zoon ins and close ups???
So the kid is not so butch....who cares that is who he is and who he will be....why is there no room for this type in our world.....he is a very pretty young man, very sensual. I am sure that he would be one screaming hungry bottom...yum
Great ass shots. What a beautiful boy. Thanks to for the cum shots, and he eats it too!
Ok, so Dustin is a bit too far on the camp side for my preference, but he's cute, and hopefully he will calm down a bit in a year or two...It was a nice youthful cumshot, and he certainly pleasures himself enthusiastically. Some guys can be too reserved and you can't feel their pleasure, so that at least is something on the plus side for the "expressive" type! Dustin sweetie, lose the jangly jewellery and let some of your body hair have its way, let your voice find its natural pitch and you'll do nicely.
Sorry but no. Dustin needs to get in touch with his masculine side.
Love those reds and he looks barely 18 !! Wenham is rite: not a huge one even engorged and shots cum in a vy small arc; also wish he hadn't shaved so much of that handsome red hair but still a 7.5 and a keeper from this corner.
How I would luv to suck on Dustin's beautiful butt hole. I would only stop for the promise of a mouthfull of his gorgeous dick and the yummy treat it would bring!
Beautiful little cock. Would love to taste his sweet creamy load.
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