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Giovanni Summers
January 1, 2009
Rating for this model: Giovanni Summers has been Rated 7.4 starsGiovanni Summers has been Rated 7.4 stars Total Votes: 416
Photographer Rating: Giovanni Summers has been Rated 4.8 starsGiovanni Summers has been Rated 4.8 stars  Total Votes: 56

Age:  19
Location:  Boston
Job:  Model
Hobby:  Video Editing
Sport:  Baseball
Food:  Grilled Cheese
Music:  Danity Kane
Produced by American Fantasy
Hot new twink model, Giovanni will get your heart pumpin' and your cock throbbin'! Straight out of Boston, he's got those city-boy moves. He strips out of his tight white boxer briefs and perches his firm ass in the air like a true bottom. Hot from the back and hot from the front, he'll blow you away like the load he blows across his abs.
Latest Comments:
1/24/12--Riverside has it in spades--fine twink (or hunk) but video lighting stinks--what a CRIME to miss most of so fine a cum in the gloom!!!
Nice looking SPOILT
Wow! I like this model. So cute and a perfect shaped butt and what a thick cock he has. great smile and love that butt wiggle in the video. Yum!
a great guy. I think that what some have seen as effeminate comes from slight embarrassment maybe? great cumshot... Video lighting could be better and would have been good to see him cum from the left instead of the right because he uses his right hand...
Giovanni is magnificent. What wouldn't I give to have a mouthful of that beautiful fat cock and incredible cockhead!
Well, he kind of wiggles his butt in a fem way...but I love that. would want to get into those panties. love it when guys balls disapear just before they shoot! need camera angle to show that throbbinb.
A nice boy, the video could be better...
I can see why someone thought him a little effeminite, but surely that perfect"derierre" more than made up for it.
Giovanni is the best Boy here .Please more Shows fom it. I Love it.
lil frikken hottie!!
Personally, I loved the underpants - badly wanted to smell his sex through them;huge cock in boys briefs - very horny. Nice fit smiley lad, lovely young man's sperm. Also very good stills
THIS boy is perfect- what more to say. We should ALL be so lucky as to find ourselves with a boy like him!!!!! I for one (and not the only I believe) would think I'd died and gone to heaven!!! :-)
I thought the model was masculine and sexy i gave him an 8. The video would get a 1 if it could be rated. Annoying flashes, jerky camera work, and at on point the photographer was blocking thr view of the model.
I can't agree with all the praise. To me he's average. Not too good-looking, but with a very suckable cock. I don't see any feminity, but i hated the underwear, which looked like kiddie stuff and was a definite turn off.
The perfect lawn or pool boy
Nice. Great body and underwear pics. Good thick cock. Not sure why anyone thought he is effem. Certainly does not seem like that to me. A man's man.
nice underwear ! lol
Awesome!!! MORE MORE MORE like this, please.
less eloquently i must say - love the ass, love the balls, relaly love the incredibly suckable cock, can almost taste the cum.
Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL boy! I'm never as interested in the video as I am in the still shots. Beautiful, hot, sexy boy! I'd love to see more of him! This boy knows he's sexy, and that cocky self-confidence is a real turn-on in boys his age. Now, Porn Gods, hear my prayer: I beseech your manly magnificences to concede that verily, yeah most verily, it is hot as the springs of Thermopile when a young man takes his fingers and smears his cum all over his abs and chest. If you would allow us to see this occasionally, we would be most hard and horny to your manly magnificences. Amen.
all I can say is wow!
Great start to '09 badpuppy. Thanks.
not too bad, if your taste runs to not-too-goodlooking, and effeminate young men, that is...
this young guy is hot-I'd like to see some hole shots! nice cock!
Very poor editing.Too much talk>And model shiould be turned aroubd so his JO arm was not between the screen and me.I gave the model a 7
Giovanni is handsome AND hot; the photog seems to be unclear on the concept of porn. What a waste of a yummy model.
Another example of slides better than video.
Horrible shoot... Has Osterfeld done anything so far that is decent..??
Great shots of a hot little man! Tight and tan...not too much fur and a great smile - oh and that ass!
not viril enough. look too much gay
If Giovanni ever tires of editing videos, he can come edit me.
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