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Luke Desmond
November 16, 2010
Rating for this model: Luke Desmond has been Rated 8.0 starsLuke Desmond has been Rated 8.0 stars Total Votes: 304
Photographer Rating: Luke Desmond has been Rated 6.7 starsLuke Desmond has been Rated 6.7 stars  Total Votes: 222

Age:  19
Location:  England
Job:  Builder
Hobby:  Swimming
Sport:  Football
Food:  Pizza
Music:  Dance
Produced by Twisted XXX Media
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Luke Desmond is one succulent twink. Cute face and an absolutely huge dick! This guy should have to apply for a concealed weapons permit! He's young and hung and definitely full of cum! When Luke said he wanted to model for Badpuppy, he dropped his could we say no to that!?!
Latest Comments:
AWESOME COCK ! GOSH ! wish this incredibly homongous hard cock inside my hungry ass right now !
Luke so reminds me of my mate's older brother who broke me in. Boy did he make me squeal with his big cock. My mate was hung too but unfortunately straight otherwise I would have loved a spit roasting off them.
Bend over Luke there's a good lad
one word ... PERFECT " 10 " ! Wish this guy could fuck me... will surely make me feel in heaven ! Well, 4 now, i could only wish !
Now--THAT is one hell of a cock!! Bravo for the British not mutilating their boys.. Doctors should see videos like this to see what they are spoiling with their mutilations
Magnificent young lad with great assets. Dick, lean body and body hair which he likes to keep. I see only perfection when I look at Luke.
Bravo! A real hottie...
Love the boots; love the pit hair; love the huge tool on such a slender build!
all I can say is DAMN!!!!
An impressive hot boi here and what a magnificent piece of meat on display from one so young.....absolutely stunning to say the least. That boi cock is certainly his number one asset and it delivers a most satisfactory cum shot lovely and thick. Good to see this boi displays a good upper body and the hairy legs are another good asset here. Too bad we are not prone to seeing that boi ass, and it would only add to the overall presentation. What a treat it would be to see that cock work its way deeply into a crying hole beginning for attention....then we might get to see the missing ass shots from this video shoot. A winner here and a pleasure to watch.
I'd like him slap my butt with that whippy tool of his.
Awesome video and cool pics. Amazing penis Thanks for sharing
Luke Desmond has appeared in Blakemason and twinks web site and I think Englishlads
Not bad looiking for a English lad. Just wish they give a bit more info such as HWP. Be nice if all Badpuppys models had this info also.
Years ago there was a European model here named Snake. This boy rivals him!
He has at least a dozen scenes across several UK sites. Google "Luke Desmond" and perhaps "porn" to weed out the crap.
YUMMY - hot as hell and needs to have another stud to play with!
Sexy body and outstanding cock. The boys shoots a sweet load of jizz. Look forward to seeing him paired with a hot bubble butt stud.
MY ! OH ! MY ! WHAT A HOMONGOUS TOOL THIS YOUNG DUDES GOT ! WITH THAT LENGTH i am amazed on how he maintains the hardness. GOSH ! THIS IS THE ONE THAT SHOULD GET INTO MY ASS ! I COULD JUST FEEL that " GREAT SNAKE " of ecstacy inside me ! it must be a great feeling ! The video was poorly taken i think ... i think the camera man didnt focus on the angles and there isnt asshole shots. anyway, w/ that huge dick i enjoyed this video.
Seeing Luke's profile pics reminds me of a saying I heard once--"boy, he's got one from here to the door."
I agree about the movie. It is worth watching. You know this young god could suck his own gorgeous piece of manhood. Oh my... Luv to see him by the pool with that monster packaged into his tiny speedo or tite jeans......
Take those stupid boots off already!
Fantastic body, however, I can't get past the haircut. This guys hair really takes away from his looks.
Perfect man. I want to share that bed with him.
Oh my god this guy is the hottest twink ever ;-) but I would say that as Luke's siting next to me right now looking through his pictures. In truth, Luke is amazing, fun to work with, talented in front of the camera and sincere about everything he does. Professional at all times and our most successful model yet. Ben Willis, photographer
Luke appears sincere, straightaway, conscious of his handsome body and endowment. For those of us who love to lock our throat muscles around a hard cockhead, he'd be a challenge. For those of us who love to get butt-fucked, Luke might be a challenge. He's simply awefully long when hard. It'd be interesting to see him plary around with a boyfriend.......
Video is different to photo shoots and much better.
...are those zits on his butt, or mosquito bites?
loved the pics - hope next time the model is in cowboy boots!!!!
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