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Sammy Case
May 14, 2005
Rating for this model: Sammy Case has been Rated 7.9 starsSammy Case has been Rated 7.9 stars Total Votes: 793
Photographer Rating: Sammy Case has been Rated 4.8 starsSammy Case has been Rated 4.8 stars  Total Votes: 52

Age:  18
Location:  Florida
Job:  Waiter
Hobby:  Working Out
Sport:  Running
Food:  Sushi
Music:  Dance
Produced by Badpuppy
Latest Comments:
Too many photos in this set but Sammy is the best porn twink of all time.
Sammy is the most beautiful boy in porn. Perfect bod; great abs, legs, awesome round butt cheeks. Let's not forget about his meaty balls and gorgeous stiff cock. I would love to lick him all over and suck his cock until he drains his balls in my mouth. I want to swallow every drop of Sammy's delicious creamy boy juice. Nice shots of his glorious hole. I would love to be inside his lucious boy pussy. Sammy is a 10+++!
sammy case has always been the best of the best in my everything about you sammy!
I think there are too many photos in this shoot and I'm thinking that there may be two different 'Sammy's' at least in some of the face pictures. Also, Sammy's cock gets much larger as the photo's continue, at the end his cock looks 8". In any case nice body, nice everything. Flash
Sammy is a classic. If I had to choose only one hole to rim, it would be his. If I could only lick on set of balls and suck only one dick - they would be his. You guessed it - if I could only swallow one load it would be his creamy white man juice!! Always a 10++++.
A great boy.
Looks 16 at most - just beautiful and smooth skinned. Pictures? Too much repetition of identical poses, too many shots of hands hiding what one wants to see, none of legs from crotch to ankle. But the model is a glory - too bad his cock was mutilated though it is still a winner. Sensuous lips in handsome boy face. Like a cupid! Love to run my tongue around and over your delectable balls and behind them. Willing to suck you by the hour and drink all the juice you offer. Love your buns, your curvaceous legs which I'd lick and nuzzle, especially behind knees. Your tits are inviting. I'd be at them! I'd service every sq. inch of your boy body.
Sammy is the most beautiful guy on the web! A real classic. I would be honored to lick the sweat off his glorious balls! It would be heaenly to have his beautiful cock deposit a sweet load down my eager throat. This guy is a 20 on a scale of 1-10!
Always will be one of the greatest male models
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