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Trey Camden
April 11, 2002
Rating for this model: Trey Camden has been Rated 6.9 starsTrey Camden has been Rated 6.9 stars Total Votes: 281
Photographer Rating: Trey Camden has been Rated 3.8 starsTrey Camden has been Rated 3.8 stars  Total Votes: 15

Age:  18
Location:  Boston, Massachusetts
Job:  Pizza delivery
Hobby:  Computer time
Sport:  Hockey
Food:  Lobster
Music:  Misfits
Produced by Citi Boyz
Latest Comments:
What a freakin amazing cockhead!!!!
Your web site sucks. Since paying 39.95, all I am getting are 30 second clips and ads to buy videos which I ain.t interested in.
Trey is a lovely young boy! He's got everything: cute looks, nice body for a twink, an even bigger cock for one, great low hanging balls, and a fine ass. I'd love to take him to bed and make love to him in every place on his body that's accessible. Emminently fuckable! Altho I wouldn't mind if he fucked me!
Trey is an incredible young man. Luv his ass, luv his balls, luv his incredible bush and fantastic cock. I would luv to suck a huge load from his amazing dick ----If I could ever get my tongue out of his ass. This handsome young man has it all in my book!!
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