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Anton Vavro
August 7, 2012
Rating for this model: Anton Vavro has been Rated 6.8 starsAnton Vavro has been Rated 6.8 stars Total Votes: 120
Photographer Rating: Anton Vavro has been Rated 6.3 starsAnton Vavro has been Rated 6.3 stars  Total Votes: 101

Age:  18
Location:  Dobris, CZ
Job:  Salesman
Hobby:  Sports
Sport:  Thai Boxing
Food:  Banana
Music:  Rock
Produced by William Higgins
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18 year old Anton Vavro comes to us from the Czech Republic. He lays back on the bed and rubs his body through his clothes, before pulling out his large and firm uncut cock, which is already standing at full attention. As he stretches his foreskin up and down, he continues to rub his body all over. Anton is completely nude now and lifts his legs up, pulling his knees toward his chest, giving a good view of his balls and hairy hole, as he rubs himself. Now on all 4's, he rubs and tugs on his uncut cock, spreading his cheeks offering up his pulsating anus, as it opens and closes. Anton straddles the pillow and rubs his cock back and forth on the suede material, where he feels the friction. With Anton ready to unload, he takes hold of his cock and rubs out a creamy cumshot across the pillow and his hand.
Latest Comments:
8/21/12--cute & almost too young as looks go but package more than OK--I am in the don't shave camp, ho wever.
A nice ass performance. Great balls.++
Itís great to see more & more young men doing manscaping. Itís not only sexy, it shows good taste.
Cute guy. Hot balls!
Inspite of some of you say: I LOVE his shaved pubes. I wish all boys were shaved there... !!
Madre de Dios, what a sweet and awesome bundle of Eastern Eurpean adolescent protoplasm. Cheers and Yummie! However, I could do without the shaved pubes. I fully realize that shaving the pubes makes average-sized cocks appear larger when they are not being crowned and shadowed by a pubic bush; but I find the stubble and razor burn in some cases unattractive, as well as unappetizing. Not to mention that I get rather nervous when an 18 year old man wants his genitalia to appear like that of a pubescent 12 year old boy. Also, shaved pubes can also give the impression that the guy had a raging case of Crabs, and shaving was the ONLY effective solution. ^_^ Okay. I'm through! And, yes, I so look forward to all the fuming replies from the 'shaved-pubes' aficianados.
I agree about the pubes. Why do these guys - especially eastern Eurpopeans - insist on shaving this wonderful male attribute? But Anton is super cute - he has a great massage and ass play scene at W Higgins.
I very much agree with fantome29. A bushy pube is what make a guy sexy and virle-looking!
This kid would look, act, perform a lot better if he were not in a WH studio. They make good guys do stupid things.
This guy is super hot
I like shaved pubes and pits. His body still has a lot of fur on it. If he is going to do it, do it!
A 100% JOKE!
Nope, hate the shaved pits & shaved pubes look - make it looks like an oversized baby's cock. Is he trying to look more feminine or just ashamed to be a male? Prefer a man who looks like a man rather than one who looks like a school dolly wannabe...
Oh la la! I always enjoy "Czech-ing" out those gorgeous boys from the Czech Republic! Keep 'em cummin'!
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